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And now he goes to Baltimore a worse situation and like Sammy Watkins, we don't really see his eighty p take a hit. I mean, he was eighty. P was in the fourth round last year in this year, Michael Crabtree is going believe what in the six round six point, four, it's insanity. I'm staying away from Michael Crabtree. Baltimore was the fourth worst team in terms of a total passing yards on the year. I don't think anything is going to change this year. They have a plethora of veteran under, you know, barely average wide receivers. So Joe flacco is on a very good quarterback and the nutshell. So. Nothing. Really. Nothing really exciting about Michael Crafter unfortunately if no, he was our guy for the last couple of years, but you gotta know one and jump off ship and we're jumping off. Yeah, he's coming off a terrible year and he's going to one of the worst situations he could go to. So he's not a player that I wouldn't. He's a player that ideally, honestly, I look at as he would been our Ben strategy. He is a solid. Hi, four guy because he's he's gonna catch Pasha passage. Probably gonna catch around sixty five. Maybe seventy passes if he's lucky, which is great for your bench, but he's going into six around that is not a place where you're normally are thinking bench player in Baltimore also had the eleventh most pass attempts lash air because there behind the lot. And they still managed to be fourth worse in terms of passing yards. Yep. And stay in line with that. You know, in one of the previous episodes we talked about, you know, I think it was a draft strategy. We talked about the six round for receivers, six, seven, eight round for receivers, really being a spa. You don't wanna be in. Let's stick with another receiver that's going in that range. Devin. Funchess. Eight point. Oh, a. The drafted DJ more Christian McCaffrey is expected to to really, I think, take on more of the load in the in the passing game. Greg Olsen is back on the field. He's healthy. We saw last year Devin. Funchess they traded Calvin, Benjamin, Greg Olsen went down with injury. Christian McCaffrey was still a rookie like a lot of things broke his way, and he still had just an okay season. A point. Eight is too early for me to draft Evan funchess, not a big fan of Devin. Funchess the talent, and I certainly don't like his standing offense with everything else around him and the other options that Cam Newton disposal. I think if you draft kick them in the eighth round, you're gonna be sorry. Yeah, Kelvin. Benjamin only played eight games last year for Carolina that really didn't have anything else. Greg Olsen also went down. This reminds me a little bit about when I was talking about Evan Ingram in terms of everyone dying around him or Kenyan Drake, you know, I think his numbers were grossly inflated because of that. They didn't really have much else that throw to. And there were artificially high last year prime candidate for regression at one hundred and eleven targets last year. There's no way you can expect that again from a team that is one of the highest percentage in terms of balance in terms of stick into the run. Yep. So I'm staying away and I think it's only fitting for us to wrap up this episode of players to avoid with Isaiah Crowell the the player that I remember last year kind of he kind of a pit him is, is everything that goes into players to avoid. He's going in the seventh round and give me a break with with is AM Crowell. I'm just I'm staying completely away. Below Powell is still hanging around there. Thomas Rawles is there on the depth chart. They wanna. They wanna use that lies McGuire. They wanna work him into. It's going to be a running back by committee is air coils, not gonna catch passes and if it's possible to go from a bad offense to an even worse offense, I think he just did that going from the Browns offense to the jets. It didn't exactly pick a good time to leave the Browns. That's for sure. So I think you're right there. I don't know how many times we need to get. People need to get fooled with as aircrew well, but they have a few running backs there and they kind of all have a little bit of a different purpose..

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