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Consultation at one eight hundred five seven eight twenty four hundred that's one eight hundred five seven eight twenty four hundred one eight hundred five seven eight twenty four hundred emergency preparation is something we think about a lot more these days than we used to say about three months back but some of us have been doing a lot longer than not and may even have a name reports correspondent Barry Petersen APRS trace their roots to the homesteaders of the eighteen hundreds says John Ramey a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and proper who once advised the Obama White House on disaster readiness one of the clips that we often use is that a lot of modern prepping is what our grandparents used to call daily life right canning's starting a fire being able to take care of minor injuries without calling using your cell phone to call an ambulance having a basement full of food my grandmother used to health care and stuff that she can so we have lost a hundred thousand years worth of human survival skills in the last hundred comic actor Fred Willard has died he was eighty six years old Tom forty CBS news it's eleven oh five at the bay area's news station KCBS light rain has begun to fall throughout much of the bay area good evening I'm Peter finch here's what's happening in terms of people avoiding large crowds wearing masks and keeping their distance San Francisco saw mixed results on what ended up being a beautiful Saturday in the city on the plus side the head of San Francisco recreation and parks bill Ginsburg tweeted a photo of a nearly empty Delores park looking quote healthy happy and safe on the other.

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