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It's here. And now a new museum in Washington DC promises to provide a day in the life. Look at the experiences of police officers, but it's also being noted for what some say, it leaves out McCain lefrak from member station W AMU explains. The new museum stands directly across the street from memorial to more. More than twenty one thousand officers from across the country who have died in the line of duty. Like the memorial the national law enforcement museum has a mission to honor officers and teach the public about what it takes to be one wanted police do how do they do it? Why do they do it? This is Craig Floyd. The CEO of the national law enforcement memorial fund. It's the force behind the museum which is privately funded mostly by corporations like Motorola, target and Glock fluids, not a police officer. But he does talk like one our objective is number one. Give our visitors walk in the shoes. Experience what it's like to be a law enforcement professional and in many ways, the museum does just that. When you walk in you see a park police helicopter hanging from the rafters and a shoutout pickup truck that was involved in a shootout. There are exhibits about the different jobs. People can have in law enforcement. From bomb squads to canine units. Yes, there's a real police dog on hand to there's also a section on the history of policing in America. Here's lead exhibit developer, Rebecca looney..

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