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And we're gonna get to this. Maybe later the binding of the conscience in the bedroom. Like what you need to be doing. There was just times like hard to listen to So that was one. Just visceral reaction for me The other was just shocking to me. What how he spoke so aggressively antagonistically machismo style. About how look you either. You either get on the bus. You sit down. Shut up and play nice or we'll throw you off and run you over. It was just like like i rewind it. Did he really say that. Like oh my gosh bro. So those are just some visceral reactions. I had and i mean mugabe gracious to us and protect us and keep us from from era right so the the first big theological reaction guys if i can kick us off with this because i assume we may talk about this for a minute is we. All the time are advocating confessional theology and by that we mean a whole host of things but one of the things that means is that we are in a self conscious way. Trying to be unoriginal in are aiming to simply tap into the faith once for all delivered to the saints as outlined by saints through history in historic confessions of faith. And there's a lot more to being confessional than that but it is never less than that. And so i think as i'm listening to this i am struck by the what i would call the the contrast between a confessional kind of stream of thought and then what i would call the big evangelical the even kind of ethos and philosophy where we tend even. If we don't mean to do this on purpose we tend to in the evangelical church build a theology in a movement in a church on the personality in the convictions of one man. And it's like it doesn't mean right now. We're talking about marginal but literally you could plug your guy like insert your dude whether it's driscoll or whether it's piper or whether it's you know whoever james mcdonald i mean tick the guy perry noble you know any of them. It's not any particular issue or point of doctrine per se. That troubles me. It's the whole ethos of the thing where it really is. A cult of personality and this one leader effectively becomes our confession. That's right it's like what he says goes as though he is a prophet like literally conduit straight from god. And it's almost like. There's just unchecked unquestioned. Thus saith the lord authority in this leadership person this person of leadership input. It's it's frightening That's just an initial. And i think confessional ism and a confessional way of thinking about theology that's inherently corporate with people who are alive and with people who are long dead is one buffer insulator from this really dangerous place right so when episode two. I thought probably should have been what the entire podcast should have been about. loved episode to. We'll let say they know that. Yeah well they. They did Reach out and asked if we wanted to to advertise on. There should have done that. Don't know maybe we declined but The the episode. I thought was very helpful because it really exposed the problem. I know it was about mark but marks not the issue. The issue is because you know. Jd coke in their podcast on stains about stand firm. It's an anglican i. I called the conversion of the august. The he said a statement in there that the church is really fell to categorize. It's people and it's true and because we don't understand historical theology really understand the debates that have come before and the easiest way to say that his creeds and confessions are the clarity of heresy. Right this is what's heretical. How do we know that because of the debates the church has been before in almost all of the episodes to you will see every one of those men or those leaders. They aren't basing their teaching off of anything historical other than what. Their conclusion is to be an almost all of them are dispensational and so when you have guys who are coming at it from. I just what the bible says but really. It's whatever. I interpret the bible to be your confession at that. Moment goes as far back as the guy standing in the pulpit and the words you can't say that you can hold the preacher accountable to what he says because whatever he says goes And when some people say well. I don't believe in confessions. I believe in the bible yet. They're holding a bible with the man's name on it with his commentary. It which is a confession. You're waving your study bible in my face and like we're not the landscape that's right the the danger of win win the the. The guy in the pulpit. The calm the senior pastor the them and they have all kinds of names now visionary pastor visionary whatever you wanna call him he and some of these guys are. They're good teachers there faithful teachers but they were very good leaders. They're usually very engaging personalities. Yeah right. I remember listening to james mcdonald over twenty years ago when he was teaching the radio and that was very does benefited greatly by a lot of his teaching because it was verse by verse. It was helpful But what what when you have guys who there's no structure. There's nothing there that they can be held accountable to for their own sake and their own sanity. You do have the craziness that things like. James mcdonald and men. I even listening to a podcast. It was talking about The stuff that was happening liberty university and and all that nonsense that goes on over there. christianity is seems to repeat itself over and over again. When it doesn't pay attention to history one of the things. I do with my children as i sit down weekly and we worked through the confession because i want them to hear. Don't believe this guy's dad told you to believe this. You need to understand that if you believe in christ and you've been baptized into church. Here's your history. This is how we got here and this is these documents have been handed to us to make sure that we don't fall into the same traps. Mark goal in james mcdonald aren't the first leaders to lead people data path that is To destruction and they and technically they're not heretical teachers. They weren't teaching another gospel but they definitely got off track on. What was the priority of the local church which is majority. I would say anything about the rise of all marcel. The whole podcast. And we'll get into this. But when when you lose the focus and mission of the church which. I think the confessions help you do that. Man that church can go. It can go in. That's right it can go into any any gutter. That's on either side of the road. And i think we saw that with both james and i mean lots of churches. Unfortunately if you're new to theo cast. 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