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Joe see new is definitely not overreact way the game went to the role of you know he has the arm talent we know that he can have the chemistry with these guys as soon as he has opportunity to develop it we know the relationship that he's developing case but i did want to point out that some of that efficiency started under trestman prior to gaze even being the offensive coordinator but i think the question here with jay cutler is is how will he perform when they are behind coming into the fourth quarter because the big thing with gaze guys has been getting him to play more efficiently more with in himself but where we did see even in two thousand fifteen year because i was there where we did see all jays start to come out the sphere is when he was behind it started to take more risk and that still what is there with those of it this is a ten milliondollar reaction okay what does that not overreact she goes reaches went out purchase jay cutler who is going to get rid of dual were doing talk about football guess what we got giving back any this gives us an opportunity for this football team to succeed remember the players in the locker room trust this 'cause the head coach big man i put my name on his guest is uh i'm i'm i'm committed to jay cutler he's gyp fossil and chip in all the tapes go okay so that's the quarterback situation in miami as we alluded to if the top of the show there's another story brewing there adam gaces the dolphins are aware of that slater scooped report that white out jobs landry is being investigated for possible battery jeff what moerdiono there well i can tell you that this does go back to last spring this is not a new revelation for the miami dolphins in when it did happen the team is at least please the jarvis landry injury came directly to them at the day after it happened to make sure that they were aware of it also the the team then took this matter to the lead the league has been investigating it since.

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