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The current layout of the Corti keyboards was finally designed by the Remington and Sons. So it took. Apparently the whole family which solved the problem of the jammed type bars, any of you guys ever used the DeVore AC keyboard. I have not. I've seen one, but I've never used it. Yeah, I've never seen it. But it's apparently it's like a different organization for the keys. Right? And the computer geek say that this is the superior typing keyboard. Is it the beta to the VHS Now, I guess. Okay. Where is it? Is it like that, like I hate the ergonomic keyboards. You know the ones where it splits the court A keyboard like in half and seen what sort of bend down a little bit so that like I know, folks, that's that's all. It'll uses the ergo boards and I can't use that at all. I gotta have it all like in a row. You know the trick with the devore and keyboards from what I understand is if you practiced on a DeVore act, then all of a sudden you sit down on somebody else's computer. Now you're back to quality. And so you have to kind of like, you know, like knowing two different languages. Whatever you remember, gets tricky nerds are weird and then make their own like logic based language. Either of you know what I'm referring to cling on? I don't know idea, certainly not cleaning. That was the question a logic based language. I don't rember what it's called. But it was basically invented by nerds and learns. Invent cling on though, didn't like, Yes, they did come up with the whole language for that. It's called Lodge Ban. That's it, huh? Yeah, It's basically just them trying to create a new language that presumably no one speaks. But hey, people do speak Klingon..

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