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Bender says they took action right away so even on a cold holiday weekend we dispatched a member of our crew and we will make repairs for the repairs to the neural this coming week president of the Cecil B. Moore Philadelphia freedom fighters Karen esper Jordan says she remembers seeing more as a child growing up in north Philly a lot of people that are still alive that remember Cecil I remember what he's done for this city and what he's done for everybody police are asking anyone with information to call their tip line Charlotte Reese KYW newsradio pharmaceutical company spent more than a million dollars buying Philadelphia doctors meals so they could promote their products okay model you city hall bureau chief Pat lobe reports city blames the kind of marketing for the opioid epidemic doctors are busy people so bringing lunch to their office to talk up a new product may not seem out of the ordinary but health commissioner Thomas Farley says the public should at least know that it's happening what the pharmaceutical companies are doing as far as buying doctors free meal is available open to the public and so we thought we do least publicized that and encourage pharmaceutical companies to stop doing it in court to doctors to stop letting the pharmaceutical sales reps in the door with that hardly blames the tactic for the opioid epidemic which began with doctors over prescribing pain killers based on drug companies claims they were safe and non addictive councilman Cindy bass sponsored a bill that sought to prevent the next addiction crisis by banning the free mail practice in the city but it was defeated she says she hasn't given out I'm certainly still very much interested in legislation.

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