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Again whether on the aids and when it breaks good news is most people who don't have to leave the house right now are into leaving the house and that leaves us with a lighter volume of traffic throughout the area even the problems that we do have are causing much of a back up the earlier problem that we had in Maryland on route fifty in the area freeway airport is the completely cleared the lanes no longer blocked on the westbound side eastbound no longer any debris and again no delay trying to head inside the beltway onto New York Avenue were on to DC to ninety five inbound on this at the parkway after route for watch for any lanes to be blocked with some work also work on sixty six in Virginia east and westbound between one twenty three and fifty the left lane is blocked with the work no problems along ninety five between Fredericksburg and Springfield three ninety five is still in good shape two eighty seven Berlin turnpike in Purcellville gateway drive in Purcellville reporters a malfunctioning traffic lights possibly needing direction watch for anybody around there directing traffic also hearing reports of a possible works on on the outer loop of the beltway in the area of the two seventy spur now yesterday we had a pretty bad crash on the overpass of the outer loop of the beltway over top of the two seventy spur this because some bridge damage and some debris issues this may be where they're doing the emergency work expected to be along the left side of the roadway interleaved near Georgia Avenue the work was over on the right shoulder and southbound I. two ninety five near Malcolm X. Avenue watch for any work set up there taking various lanes we do have the closures in place already on the tidal basin and around the mall these will be in place until about eight o'clock tonight and then go back in place at seven AM tomorrow morning some of the more main closures along this stretch of the Memorial Bridge and independence Avenue between Ohio drive in fourteenth street southwest driving on the southeast southwest freeway you can't access main Avenue and reportedly the park police exit is also closed as well rid your home of unwanted past turned home paramount pest control call today for free inspection eight eight eight eight eight eight home or home paramount dot com I read a counselor WTOP traffic out on this great Tuesday let's get your storm team four four day forecast for Matt returning John gets tricky forecast with this cloud cover for today depending on where you are listening area you could be seeing vastly different conditions over the district most of northern Virginia and all of northern Maryland still has.

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