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Who entered the race. Where former vice president of the united states hubert humphrey who slogans included. See dick ron ron. Dick ran and us senator george mcgovern. Who's slogans included every news. Here's your new president and no more years but then at a neighborhood church in brooklyn someone else stepped into the ring. Her slogan unbought and un bossed. I stand before you today. As a candidate for the democratic nomination for the presidency of the united states of america on january twenty fifth nineteen seventy-two shirley. Chisholm became the first woman at first black person to seek the nomination for president of the united states on a major party ticket. I am not a candidate. A black america although i am black and proud i am not a candidate of the women's movement of this country although i am a woman and i am equally proud of that i am not. The candidate of any political bosses are fact hats or special interests. I am the candidate. People love america and my presence book bore you now. Symbolizes anew era in american politics history as surely crisscrossed the country giving speeches and shaking voters hands. She experienced more than her share of pushback. Some of it truly severe. She faced death threats assassination attempts. She found her campaign. Materials vandalized by racists. Then she faced the media new rather a tossed into the presidential race today. Few politicians black or white believe it. We are doomed.

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