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And now the low post welcome to the low post podcast live from an undisclosed hotel conference room somewhere in New York City where we are thrilled to be joined for the second time by Memphis grizzlies point guard. Mike Conley how you doing? I'm doing. Well. How you I'm hanging in good. That's on the second kid. Thank you. Thank you. A whirlwind can say that. I I'm afraid of it. I live in fear of it. I can barely. I could barely handle my own life. Let alone the lives of two small children. Yeah. It changes things changes the second one. I introduce you as Mike Conley. When you were drafted David Stern said Michael Conley? When did Michael give way to Mike? Do you want people to call you Michael still? I don't know when Mike came out, you know, Michael has been my name forever. And in college, I guess latter part of the year just my came out. And and I thought it would change when Mr. Starr said Michael Comey, Michael again, and now Mike Mike the rest of micro. No one. I dare is never Michael Conley anymore. I over this done and part, you know, starting to get rid of the junior. Then you know, that which I don't know where the junior came from before I'm the second technically, but the junior popped up out of nowhere. I was actually thinking about that walking over here being like, I'm going to introduce them as Mike Conley. And then I'll ask about Michael we used to be my colleague junior. That's not a thing anymore either. Crazy Evelyn of your name. Speaking of college. I was going to ask you this later, but you brought up college you met your your now wife in college. True or false. She did not know who you were when you met her gosh true. She did not know who I was college basketball star Michael Conley junior or the second at no idea who, you know, idea we met each other at like. A little hangouts by right outside of our dorm. And then a week later ran into her at the dang on water fountain of getting some power eight or some out of the drink machine. And she was doing the same thing. I looked at him like. I know you, and that's when we finally exchanged numbers and the rest is history. Your first day it was to applebees. Correct. It was that would be stole. My my buddy, David light. He's car. And because I didn't own one times. I always guard. You know, made a smell good have made it made. It seem like I I was doing big things. I wanted to make fun of you for that. And then I remembered I dated a girl in grad school, and I was probably twenty to our first day. It was the olive garden. I thought it was I thought the olive garden was nice I twenty early onto the olive garden. No big night. No doubt Applebee's was was big for us. So okay. Let's talk about the grizzlies. You played twelve games last season. The team was bad enough to pick number four. How for you? Personally. I saw a couple of times. I know how frustrated we're like how bad was it? And when because there was times or you were maybe on the way to call him beta like what was the low. What was the worst? What was the worst part of the season? I think the worst part was being held in limbo for that time period of about a month where you know, I'm working myself back into it. And I'm like like, yeah, you can be back in two weeks and then another two weeks pass and you'll be back in another two weeks. You know, it's not improving and just kind of getting hung out there. Like, you know, I'm ready to play. I'm ready to play. I feel like I can go, and then things aren't working out and turned a little bit fed a little bit more clarity. When they said, hey, you're you're out. You know, you need to have surgery. This is what this the route. We gotta go. I kind of have peace with that. And then just now deal with the the struggles of the season as far as our team and just focus on that..

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