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Try to figure out what I was doing fell my face. If you times learned a little bit from it. But it was a long process, man. I was like, you know, for those fourteen years ago, even thinking about it doesn't feel it feels like a went buying of Latin high, but took a long time to get to a place where make mega movie or make a few TV shows. So just to make. Did you have any directors that you admired? Oh, sure. He would look at go. This is what I wanna do. The funny thing is like, I think I really got interested is I, my dad. Put on the John carpenter's the thing. Remember that movie from the eighties from eighty four. I think great man was even before that. He and there's a previous one from the fifties that Howard hawks directors, black and white, very wholesome, not terrifying. He thought he was putting on that the nineteen fifties film and he actually put on the John carpenter r. rated carousal film. It's fucking terrifying. It's just people's gut spilling as fucking gory as shit. Still my favorite move is day, but it gave me nightmares for three weeks. I was just shit myself screaming having night terrors sleeping with my parents as a kid. But I came out of that. I came out of that hell storm and I was like, I wanna learn how to the people, and I got way into like horror movies and you like I love horror, movies manner. My favorite thing I came out here to be an editor and I was always petrified. Like what if I get a big break and I have to edit horror because I don't, I, I would do a terrible job. I, I hate like, that's it. You get scared easily. Hot, yeah, jump. The stuff that's basically jumped majo- I jump. You're not gonna go see the new Halloween now. I have that power as John Rowe that it's a really weird John. Knows. It's camera angles music. It's music and the pacing. Yeah, if directly can't do that with horror, like I told these guys, this last week on AMC Xs has been, it's been on every day. Yeah, and I've been catching twenty thirty minutes of it. And if I have to say my all time, favorite directed movie of all time is the exorcist wherever yet whoever did the excesses fade can win, very p shots. Also the DP two or three shots that were really. Interval. You know, we have so many things that missing like this people complaining all the time. I appreciate people complaining, especially people my age, all of the old or maybe a little young. I complained about the film's from the seventies and the sixties eighty. And once again made today and I think it starts, you know, yes. The start up the script that it's not what the bullshit from the studio and how they try to pay people up, but also started the director when I was doing a lot of hundred dollar day films that was a time, three-year jeopardy. Two thousand seven that I did ten one hundred dollars day films really well, and I got to work, and I asked, you know, like I worked in Harrow Riva's analyzed at the only reason, pay new. The movies for the have was a dog with fleas. I read this. I knew was a dog with fleas, but I didn't care. I wanted to talk to Harrow rate now. Yeah, I wanted to pick his mind. I like. Things he didn't stripes that was just couple movie director. I think he wrote dry. He wrote drives in wrote strive, I haven't directed. And you know there was just something that I wanted to ask him about comedy something about the way he wrote comedy and stop the I really liked. It was subtle it. It was like a finger in the as I love things. Not literally. I like him. I don't like literally either the other when I got to. Westbound beats the other. I got an on Thursday scroll into channels, really wanna go to ask this, do I call Lear Ratto Anna oleo some Italian food, and I'm excited and food game. Pull on the play nice..

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