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At the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed i'm sherry preston coming up really spending on avocados what i species is allusive as it is exotic swims in the amazon river dolphins are legendary in this part of the world but their numbers are dwindling rapidly can a few dedicated scientists save the species abc's victor oquendo as the dolphin story they're the world's most intelligent animals second only to humans dolphins are majestic and playful but there's one rare subspecies that remains a mystery to scientists the pink dolphin of the amazon river is a living legend and at the end of two thousand seventeen we con our first glimpse the world wildlife fund is on a mission to tag fifteen dolphins dwelt brazil colombia bolivia just studied their health and behavior the group consists of woken fishermen and scientists scientists fear pink river dolphin is able to extinction due mostly to made threats put finding hugging a depor station waiting for them under ted's is a big ship award they're bringing the dolphin out of the boat very quick process they move pink dolphins can only dean of the water for just under sixty.

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