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In high that had some heat underneath it. Call. You're almost got a header as we met that came forward there from the center back position got ahead on an actually takes a slight deflection off the crossbar up in over Gregor and jet skiing school. And that's as close as you wanna get if you're Louisville city almost steering a a one one scoreline in the face there. Number twenty gets any better contact on that one man he had a free header on the boxing replay. There any eleven has to be fresh headed head hands time for Indy. Eleven it doesn't get more open than that eighty eleven had a chance with call your outstretch in the open field the play before. And then on the cross we met at a good shot at a header, and he couldn't cash it in. Now, there's a foul out front on any eleven. This will move city ahead before they hit minute. Sixty the score one nothing. We'll city over top of indie. Yeah. That was again, we met climbing the back of Cameron Lancaster like a ladder whistled thereby Dobkin. It's going to be a free kick year for city. In the sixtieth minute. So two thirds of the match gone. The thirty fourth panel thirty four th minute penalty by Cameron Lancaster twenty fifth on the season. Just the difference here in this one clay camps is we have a lot of fun out there today every time I look up. He's smile from year to year. Yeah. I think it's more of an ironic smile, you can't quite believe what the referees whistling here. He's at a couple of fouls. Ultimately whistled his way. But not before of bit of deploring by the Louisville city home faithful as you said a sheepish scrimped. He's also got to be pretty happy to because I think he realizes out here. Not even just off the PK. Well, he knows it every game that there's not a guy named eleven that could stop him from getting to the ball. There's not a person on this world that can stop Cam, Lancaster. I for my money. My goodness. The form that he's been in all season is a staff really almost unrivalled. Here's the outstretch that Ownby needs. He's tripped up though. Good job on the slide tackle for any eleven to make the takeaway that was good passing from city up the left frame. Just couldn't make it out into the box as offensive work from eleven. That's already experienced Brazilian. I came back and made a very pivotal tackle. They are against number ten coming back to live action. It looks like Louisville city is conceded a free-kick here. And it's George as the fourth is the funding. Player. Coach Hackworth not looking too happy. After that, call George Davis. The fourth is neither. Davis gets the nice steal the inbounds. Does a good job on the rip here. It is won't be behind the ball there. There's miscommunication on the past because of that he he called for fowl, man. They're blowing the whistle quite frequently here in the second period. Yes. Matches turning into a very Sakado in nature. Yeah. It's unfortunate to see because we had such fun. The first half with twenty three shots between the two teams in the opening half. Now, the second periods become much more grinding to a halt. Both. These teams just not having the freedom to move with the ball Ownby, though, gets it out ahead. We'll try for header through the middle that one way off target and out of bounds. That'd to a corner cake. Brian Ownby worked his way down left side. And it was for again coming through in the step in front of. He did. Yeah. As good job. He did that. And he goes no number nine free in the box. It says good as a goal as it can become common. Short house corner. Kick your clan is sixty sixty almost sixty third minute Kelvin's road house corner. Kick about to be stepped up from the right side city with a one nothing lead sixty two trying to advance to to nothing position before we get into the more latter stages of this ball game. Here's the ball into the box deflected back around Williams could get his full hands on the ball. But any eleven comes away with it into the midfield. Good step back their way to move George Davis. The fourth out of position on the charge mayor taking it all the way. Coast to coast. Lays it off now deflection off of Louisville city going to become a corner. Kick care friendy. Wow. What a good job I-. Mayors to get out in the open. He was able to create some sweet space and mcinerney try to show on the ball it up being deflected out. But here comes a coroner for.

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