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Maybe they're using Asian and allow from our story yesterday. Hey, Uh, not MMR, wjr traffic and weather. First we have miss Dana Clark. Right now. It's accident. Free out there looking at construction in Detroit, 75 north bound between Spring Wells and Clark Street Construction has the right lane closed scheduled through February 20 seconds now WJR weather first from the Weather Channel sponsored by North Bloomfield Properties. If you're looking for a place to call home, let North Bloomfield properties find the best place for you and your family. They also provide pre screen quality tenants to their property owners. They love to match good people to good homes. Contact them today, North bloomfield dot com. Stay cold. Low twenties yesterday. See no reason why anything is going to be changing over the next few days. Clouds sunshine today 23 overnight Tonight some flurries of snow showers and up a few 12 above. More clouds and sunshine in the mid twenties actually could get colder by the end of the weekend from the weather Channel meteorologist race Did you Khan just talks 7 60 wjr. Holder by the end of the weekend. 13 degrees right now is Cold enough for me. Thank you very much, but that's what it is. And that's what it might end up being colder. 13 degrees here at 6 16 on the pole W. Smith show I'm W. J. R for over 100 years Absolute. Your has remained committed to serving communities throughout.

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