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So i think on one hand that's true on the other hand i don't know how much the blue jays are in a position to say hey we have this incredible prospect that's hitting the ball like crazy right now i don't wanna displays kindreds morales and his one forty five batting average at a certain level if you have a bat like guerrero's and you have a team like toronto who again this is this is a team that is certainly in it somewhat to win this year like the idea that they're in this a little bit this is not an entirely turnover you know this isn't a team like any team in the aol central thin isn't the the indians are maybe the twins like this is a team that it's in their best interest to try to win right now at least somewhat and quickly made moves the off season to try to win a little bit so if you have this guy yet there's an obvious place to put him i would think the enterprising minds would be able to find something for someone that's hitting the way that he is and for the comes the service idea yeah i know that discussion we saw that with brian but you know a lot of times i think that does get a little overblown the fact is but you're talking about a seventy six seven years in the future nba you're talking about around that time a lot of teams particularly teams like the blue jays who do have revenue streams can like try to figure out something we're not it's not a lot of bryce harper's anymore where or jason hayward's where people just actually run into free agency particularly like i think what who knows what the market's going to look like in seventy years who does what the plan's gonna look like look around these are crazy i hope we're still here in seven years so the idea that we're worried about that right now for the blue jays coming at the end of a run which really they came so close and you know this is a rabid fan base that really has been loyal to this team for a long time and clearly has the excitement and is excited to seger honestly the.

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