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Meredith Oakes is celebrating women who rock, and she knows a thing or two about music in her own, right? She's a deejay a radio commentator, a music, journalist and a musician. So I had a good understanding of the lifestyle to grind, even if you're doing it at a very high level like say Fleetwood MAC where you're flying first class and staying the presidential suite. You're still away from home. It's tough on your body. It's a commitment. Oaks profiled fifty women from the nineteen fifties. To now committed to song and performance for her book, which is a collection of essays called rock and roll woman. Tina Turner, Janice Joplin, Gwen Stefani. And Amy wine house are just a few of the artists featured we really wanted women who made an impact on rock and roll who had rock and roll is a major part of their career either started or went back to eight or both so. Yeah. Rock and roll was the ultimate limits test, but it was difficult to just do fifty also. I looked for common threads. She says many had to fight their way into the music. Business comes to mind record labels told her you'll never sell out arena. You'll never be a star. And sure enough she did both of those things Joan Jett to every record label passed on. I love rock and roll she made her own label, and she did it herself. One of our personal favorites is blonde east Debbie Harry because so many young artists today want to work with her now says women have come far in the music industry. But they still have ways to go. I would like to see more women engineers, there's never been a woman who won a Grammy for best album outside of classical music. Never not even one. So more tech women in tech more women road as more women turning the knobs and a studio. On the women's watch on Laurie Kirby..

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