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This fan surprised himself by giving a cheer and it never bothered him again. Larry doby, remembered I never got booed in Cleveland and this may have something to do with grainy and the tone that he set for the fans. So he is also a member of the Canadian baseball Hall of Fame, but now he is getting the forward Frick award. And the last thing I will say about him, although it's not entirely about him, it is about maybe another pioneer who should be in the Hall of Fame if we had an animal's wing, which maybe we should, because there's a distinguished history of baseball animals and mascots. And one of them was very near and dear to Jack grainy. So, this is a little story about Larry. The 1911 Cleveland team, this was the naps again. And nap lash away was one of many animal lovers on the team. So for part of that season, they adopted a possum. They named Joey possum. As a mascot and good luck charm. I was going to say, you know, we don't have pasta mascots anymore, which I guess is true, but there are some weird ones. The Yankees had some kind of creature. Oh gosh. We hold on, oh no. Oh no, wait, hold on, gosh. I'm so mad. I can't remember the name. It's so terrifying. Oh wait, Ashley wrote about this at fangirls for us. I'm gonna find it. I'm gonna find it. Do you mean dandy? I may be mean dandy. Yeah, dandy, the very scary and disturbing Yankees mascot. Is that all you, man? That was not what I meant, although I'm always happy to talk about Dante's because we take a brief moment to talk about dandy. Sure. So the thing about dandy is that it appears that his uniform is also his skin and as a result of that it appears that he hasn't had a belt inserted into his skin presently surgically and then yeah, I guess that's really all I have to say about dandy. But if anyone's like, really Meg how bad can it be? We've lived through the fanatic and I would say the following be surprised you should look it up. You gotta look at dandy 'cause it's, you know, I think that when they were creating the phanatic, did the phanatic proceed dandy or come after? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. It preceded it, right? And so they were like, you know, you look at the phanatic and your thought is, this is not a real creature. It is like it is a strange alien that has come here and decided it was Philly sports, which you know is a choice, a big choice. But then they made dandy. And they were like, what if we made it kind of look like a person who has a belt surgically inserted into it? Yes. Right. Yes. Yeah, the phonetic came around in 1978 and dandy. Was 79. Yes, his reign was from 79 to 81. So clearly, capitalizing on the phonetics popularity, but not replicating it. Yeah, and they tried to give, didn't they give dandy a mustache and people thought that it was a play on thurmond Munson having a mustache? And then Thurman Munson died. And they were like, literally David dandy. And so they just, I think they murdered him. 15 murdered dandy. But dandy went on to like 1981 or something. What a weird thing. Yes, that classic pear shaped mascots. Yeah, I wonder what Adam Duvall's kid would make of dandy. He'd be like, no, this is too much for me. I'm afraid of this because, you know, the Atlanta mascot is terrifying. We shouldn't have a mascots that are the color of a human flesh. Like that's a mistake. That just seems like an obvious no, somebody was asleep at the switch in that marketing meeting. But dandy is like pin striped on its body anyway. Now we've been talking about dandy. We weren't gonna have anything to talk about, but what I meant to talk about was not dandy, but Bronx see the turtle. That's what I was thinking of. Remember, the Yankees had a pet turtle for some reason. Those who do you think? Probably the same thing that happened to dandy. They murdered it. Hopefully not. I don't know. We all get into eventually one way or another. Proxy will too. Murdered with a weird belt. But yes, there was proxy the turtle and Joey possum. So back to 1911 here. After Joey possum in 1911, the next year, the team got a more conventional animal mascot in February of 1912. The team trainer ralston duck white won a bull terrier pup in a bet on a boxing match. He named the puppy prince, brought him to spring training and gave him to the team to be their new mascot. The players renamed him tig and the pup began watching the players closely trying to learn the baseball business and how to contribute to the team. He had to learn that he should fetch a baseball. And only when told to do so that is often a complication when you see a bat dog sometimes in the minors or of sometimes they don't always draw the distinction between fetch and baseball game that they're not a part of generally they're good at that. They're still very good dogs, though. Yeah, oh, it's the best. He also had to chase cats and goats off the practice field. Very important part of his job. And guarded the player's sweaters, gloves, and bats from fans who might try to pilfer a souvenir. So, during the season, our old pal Jack granny, who is back in his three and two Jack stage of his career here, pre broadcasting was benched by a broken collarbone, and while recovering, he spent the time getting to know the dog better and teaching him tricks, such as rollover, jump, and play dead. The legend goes that it was Lajoie who recognized the bond that had grown between grainy and the dog and Lajoie told Jack, take him the dog is yours. So in 1913, spring training, Jack and tig come to spring training and it was decided to give him a name more befitting of the official mascot of the Cleveland team. Probably think he was a Tiger's mascot if he's going by type. Right. So a fan named Harold Davis suggested Larry, the team was called the naps because of lager, but ledger was known to family and friends and teammates as Larry, therefore, the team's mascot was named after Elijah as well, which is something that we don't do so much anymore like naming entire franchises after a player or a coach or manager or something. You can't really count on them to stay in one place long enough to do that. And they're all sorts of branding reasons why you would not necessarily want to keep changing your team's name. But I don't know, maybe something we should bring back. Anyway, tag was now Larry and he remained Larry. He was described as an exceedingly friendly dog who thrived on affection. What dog doesn't really and loved traveling with his teammates, whether he was tooling around with players in shoeless Joe Jackson's new car or writing the.

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