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The whole damn thing. He's already been out here, and we're here. 2004 is here. You're in Los Angeles? Yeah. Oh, that's right. Oh, yeah. I know. So yeah, I was at this game. Of course you were. That was a keep that up. Keep that up. Richard Jefferson and Lisa Leslie, is that McGrath? Is that who that is? We've got Nick Cannon. Is that Kevin Hart next to Frankie Muniz? That's Kevin Hart. Oh my gosh. You're Frankie Muniz. Sean Paul just report. Richard Jefferson in the back, there's Steve, you know? And what's with the paper boy hat? I like that. You know. I don't know, that was a stage at that time, you know? What was his coaching style? Were you an assistant? Were you right behind a bench? You say this was O four? Four All-Star Game was here. And that was here. Okay, that was the game that I sat next to Jay-Z. The picture that you popped up before. That was the All-Star Game. This is the celebrity. From asking, where were you for the celebrity game? I know you and Jay-Z and we're tight. I wouldn't stop it. Now he's dropping me. It's your boy. Now he's dropping. I'm not even paying attention to you guys. CJ's crowd is throwing right now. Oh, okay. Is that what it is? There are 8 million people at this pro day. Oh, that's great. I look at that, but we can't talk about this, but we all can't see. I thought you said that you can't pay attention right now because Emma rata was playing on the tennis channel. I thought that's where you're going. You don't have to have the mix. It must be nice. There you go. CJ strap is throwing. It's like 8 deep, by the way. Is this like the sporting event without the express written consent of the commissioner? You can't talk. Dime. What a throw. With no defense in front of him and somebody scripting it. That's John Beck scripting it. John. I believe John Beck is slated to be on this program in

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