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Very end of fans the parade on Jan a person with a last name that was when I'm offended I'm offended at your behavior I was editing your behavior what was I supposed to give it to you yeah oh no that's not how this works you're supposed to get it first I would be too bad the point that was Carol Brady from the Brady bunch moving on to our second sitcom mom Colleen Bradley listen carefully and tell me the name of the following sitcom mom just because the three Bradley that's peg Bundy how you doing this does not mean I'm satisfied because my hair was caught on your watch I didn't wake you did I big I love that show where can you watch can you stream that show that's a good question I don't know I'm not speaking right now why but you just did your I don't know that speaking we're not this is not a visual medium is what you're saying yep I that was like the narrator saying she she had to be speaking in the long run but you could still win Colleen you can have to pull anybody's game you could do a hat trick here anybody's game sitcom moms I want you to tell me the name of the following sitcom mom bread for the win calling to stay in the game tell me the name of this classic TV mom heard here what I said I understand about your current Bradley that is okay that is oh god I can't get her first name so I don't want to give her last name I know the last name is that good enough yes because of the way that this person is referred to in the show Mrs Cunningham I know you are the funds with the hay in.

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