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Took the lead in the race then there was the late breaking news that Whitman had employed and then fired an undocumented housekeeper and brown began to pull away California cares to have remained a blue state generally Jerry Brown was elected governor over Meg Whitman leaning back the biggest spending contender in American history full of energy and ready to serve you the people of California thank you very much brown would take the reins of power time when California's future was very much in doubt the seventy two year old Democrat now faces an even tougher task putting back together what many feel is a fractured Golden State chief among the problems a twenty six billion dollar budget deficit well I did not know how to solve the deficit and I I thought about the idea of what is going to me is having a deficit is not to be very popular or pleasant in the campaign brown was able to think for himself by blocking out the advice of the political consulting class now he would resist the calls of fellow Democrats wanted to protect the state's vulnerable residents from painful budget cuts under the Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger the budget came with a combination of harsh cuts and some number fudging assuming revenues that often didn't come through but brown was committed to avoiding those kinds of gimmicks and we went about it in cutting cutting a lot of popular programs that if you look at it you see if you can really want to do that but we did the budget proposed by governor Jerry Brown almost evenly split.

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