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Instead, if you and your competitors have the same basic cost structure, and you can slash yours by a major innovation. Well, you get the picture you need to continually look at ways to drastically lower the price of your product. Because if you don't it's possible that your competitors will if you've ever driven in India, you've probably had some alarming near death encounters with the brightly painted Totta trucks that fill the highways they are huge in rather than using their braking system. They rely on their horse to get other cars out of the way. About eight years ago Totta decided to enter the passenger vehicle market despite the logistical difficulties of making the leap from manufacturing trucks too lightweight. Single family cars the car they came up with the Nanno uses a two cylinder engine and much less sheet metal than a comparable vehicle. Trunk and hold one small bag, and it lacks a passenger side MIR in another words anything that is not strictly necessary to fulfill the mission of getting a family from point a to point b has been cut out of this product. They're currently sold in your car priced at under two thousand dollars in the Indian market the cars, they have some issues. They are small swallow seem prone to catching on fired and opportune times still Totta is coming to the US market. And despite some production setbacks in India, it's clearly has ambitions to succeed here if they do it will.

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