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To make any type halftime two jets. History as. He lost three. You couldn't be more wrong. He's little what you're talking about. Okay. You really don't. Well. It's the Super Bowl by three points as quarterbacks with Donovan McNabb. I mean that was just quarterback. He's supposed to win championships with McNabb. I mean, come on. Now. Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl by three points. You know, cow is terrible coach, I Gotcha. Cows attell because cow I think had a winning record is the playoff coach lost some bad games. But you also want to Super Bowl. So you don't want. Not every coach is going to win every playoff game. Not every coach is gonna win every single playoff game. Andy's lost a lot of heartbreaking games. He has. And he's blowing a couple of big leads and games. And you think that's because he didn't make halftime adjustments. So let me get straight. He prepared his team to get an eighteen point lead. But then he couldn't he didn't know how to adjust to the fact that team came back on him. But he knew how to get him in eighteen point lead in the game. It's almost foolhardy. Isn't it? He knew he knew how to get anything we leave. But he couldn't prevent him to finish the game off after that. Because it just that's what happened there justed. I mean, you gotta take games one at a time we talking about playoff careers guys have bad playoff careers until they don't I sat here and took call after call for people killing. Killing the head coach at Villanova killing him. Play after play year if the can't coach can coach a big game can't coach when the games on the line from this pressure. Can't do that. Now, he's won two championships necessarily since last three is now, he's the toast of America as a college basketball coach. Things change if Andy Reid runs the table this year. Okay. Then people will be like, Aw, Andy Reid. He's got this. He's that he's innovated. He's that's what happens. One one run changes everything he has had some brutal losses. I'll be the first to admit it. But do you think Andy Reid doesn't know what he's doing one two hundred football games? So what he's good in the regular season. He wins all these division titles. But he gets dumb in the postseason. You know, sometimes you just you know, sometimes things just don't bounce your way. You know? And he's had a lot of weird things happened to him in the playoff games. You really has said some strange games. Some really strange games. And I'll tell you this year he's gotten very unlucky. Again. He's got a hilarious number six seed coming in this building. I mean, I actually think the other teams the better team right now. So if the colts win, and I think that any there's something wrong. No, I think right now the colts have a better team than they do. Back after this..

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