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It was all about and I would dream this like fairly often. And you know, when you dream something over and over you start to wonder, well is there more to this than what I'm seeing and the dream that I had was I would get to my conferences like this and my clothes weren't there. And I would I would eventually have to come out and preach in my pajamas. And I would be really embarrassed because I wasn't dressed properly, and I didn't really get it at the time. And then I saw the scripture and revelations it says to stay awake and put your clothes on. And I thought what stay awake and put your clothes on? And then there's other scriptures aside a put off the old man and put on the new man and put on byles of mercy and put on your shoes a peace and put on the breastplate of righteousness. And so I began to think and then in Colossians three it says clothed yourselves with mercy clothe yourselves with kindness and above all that you put on put on love. And then I finally got the interpretation of my dream. God said you're not dressed properly because you're not walking in love. And so what I would come to the pulpit. I had a good message. But because I didn't have a red hot on fire love walk in my everyday life. Although yes, I had a good message and that word was blessing people. There was not. The power behind it that needed to be there to change lives. Because the only way you're going to get that kind of power and anointing is if you do what Jesus tells you to do and that is walking loan. I wish that you would even begin to get a glimmer of how your life would change. How your power would increase if you would just give your life to walking in love live to love L to L very simple from now on I'm going to l to L. That's my new slogan for live. I'm an L L junkie. I'm going to L L fanatic. I've joined the L to L club live to love. I don't live to eat. I don't live to shop. I don't live for Friday. I don't live for vacation. I live to loan. And you know, about third they end of this. You're going to get tired of it and do given this and doing that. And nobody does anything for me. Now, remember the God kind of love is to do is to love people when you're not gonna get anything back. And then you know, what you will always get a reward sacrifice always brings a reward. But that reward comes from God. The worst mistake we can make is to be good to somebody. And they get mad at them because they're not being good does back trust. God to be good to you. Life has to be about more than just me. Second corinthians. Five fifteen. Oh, I'm so glad we got three home more sessions left. You might be thinking. Well, what can you say about love that? You haven't already said tonight. Oh, we're just getting started. You know, like we said, we're we're collecting stuff for the poor here in your area. You know, to be honest with you, I could go by three or four truckloads full of stuff for the poor here, we're collecting it because we want you to get involved. Because it will help you. If you get involved, it'll be good for you. If you take some of your money, and you go to the store and take some of your time, and you buy the items, and you come back here, and it's going to release something on the inside of you a little thing. I don't know what they're collecting this week in diapers or wives her socks or underwear or whatever it is. But I'll tell you what we can start something up in this town this weekend. What do you think it's going to happen with I run out of men's underwear? What do you think it's going to happen? When there's no more men socks. Oh, yeah. We've had people like what is going on? Everybody in town is buying men's socks and underwear. And then we tell them while there's Christian conference over here..

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