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This is we've feel like we've seen this movie before this one more investment in energy the berkshire hathaway's making i think this makes sense encore expands the portfolio of berkshire hathaway's energy ceo greg able who is very often discussed as the potential successor to buffet so we see his fiefdom increasing earnings from energy already was about nine percent of berkshire's overall earnings this will add love may be a bout 400 five hundred million they're coming out of bankruptcy it's hard to exactly gauge how profitable there be but encore will be around four hundred million dollar profitable company adding to the about two billion dollars of energy earnings that berkshire currently has so make sense some hurdles here the federal bankruptcy court obviously has to approve this and then there's some regulatory hurdles of the florida a utility owner next ras bid to buy encore earlier this year had been disavowed i'm so they had to go back to the drawing board i think berkshire will probably work this out um and they'll move forward so you mentioned greg able yelled this part of this story does seem to be for those were trying to read the tealeaves of who will eventually succeed warren buffett a your berkshire hathaway this seems like a vote of confidence for him i i would agree and he is a very strong operator a very strong ceo and i think berkshire would be in good health coming up a big merger in the shopping world and a few stocks on our radar stay right here this is molly full month your and you're shop and shop as always been on the program it interest in stocks me talk about in the mountain former formal recommendations for against so don't buy or sell stocks be sold in what you hear what comeback motley for money chris hill here in studio with jason moser jeff fischer and run gross shares of the home shopping network up twenty five percent this week.

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