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Eastern eleven o'clock pacific so very few people in america were awake but my australian listeners were awake and they were the ones who are coming in and making commentary about the lives so for me. The live portion of the show was purely quite frankly to keep me entertained and to be able to talk the audience a little bit so it made an interesting dynamic but at the same time we have to really really make podcasters understand that. If you're going to do video you need to put a little sticky note on your computer monitor. Whatever you look at beyond your microphone. The reminds people that they're listening in most the audience's listening in the show image. Like i'm going to switch to mike. Mike doesn't can't see that you switched him because he just sees the master view. That if i switched to mike and i started describing. Okay mike if i now say why love that picture on the back of your wall while the audience has no clue because if i had not been doing video i'd say i'd seen this and mike. You got a nice picture behind. You looks like you've got a university of michigan hat. Maybe some you know little karcher going on there. That is descriptive to the audience to understand what i'm referencing. So i have to remind myself all the time and i catch myself because i so used to doing video now i catch myself not following my own rules and my audience and tells me a see that dummy. I don't know what you're talking about. And they didn't have time to go. look through. you know your hour and ten minutes show to find out exactly where so i could see what you're talking about so i think the future of podcasting has a video component for sure to this but i'm just it is an interesting bought process. Live video is big. We know light to people don't on gamers on twitch youtubers doing stuff so the videos big but podcasting is to truly define it as a podcast is to put the video feed in and are assessing closure. We don't do that for this show. We just only produce an audio show. We go live on the internet and leave it there but we don't now my personal show. I have a video. Rss feed and you can subscribe to that and actually get video on your mobile device that comes from a podcast delivering and it's really cool on the apple. Tv if you wanna watch video you know you can subscribe to video podcast on an apple tv. And i think there's some roku apps and other things like that and watch it just like you'd watch any other streaming service. It's gonna watch it like you watch a youtube video. Yeah yeah exactly and the cost associated video too because it's much much bigger file so anyway that's kind of commentary on the video thing. Let's talk about a best practice. And it's interesting. Mike you put in here bad podcasting advice. How do you know who to trust. And that's a hard one..

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