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You can also hit us up on Twitter and Facebook at overdue pod. Thanks to folks reaching out to us in the past week, including Melinda. Nicole Magherran cat Maggie Fritz Jake Andrea Jacob Kevin Gloria Leah Michelle and Jeff Andrew folks wanting to war by the shore, should they go. She go to overdo podcast dot com. Internet website up there. We have links to apple podcast Google play RSS feed. You can also find us on Spotify and on Stitcher among other services, get new episodes when they come out on Mondays and a bonus episodes when we released them we're going to talk about our may schedule in a sec. But we have a couple of bonus episodes coming out this month that we're pretty excited about. You can also go to patriot dot com slash overdue pod to give us a little bit of money and get some of our bonus stuff a little bit early. And we'll be talking about that more later this month, not quite yet. But if you've been following our stop Homer time episodes at all we have plans for our next project, and we're going to start talking about that sin. Yeah. So may introduce red middle March in may beginning of men sure, we miss something there. I don't know. I'm reading well weird. I'm reading eleven twenty to sixty three by Stephen King. Even though it's not November. We just really beefed it on this too. Two then enters reading, sir c by Madeline. Miller reading drowning Ruth by Christina swertz around not the month. And then we have two bonus episodes for you from our stop hometime series. So patriots borders have gotten one of these. And we'll get the second in like a day or two like early early this week. So the first that's going to go up on the main feed on may seventeenth is our chat with Emily Wilson. Who did the translation for the odyssey that we read and it was so fun. She silk. Well, ho- cool such a cool. Eighty and at the end of the month on may thirty first will post on the main feed our book, twenty four and closing thoughts. Episode that a wrap it up. And that's where we'll tell you what we're doing next. So stay tuned for that. And then last show business thing is that you may have noticed on our social feeds, but the choose your own adventure episodes are back up. We can't really like say a lot more beyond that. But I think things are going to be able to continue as they as. They were before. So that's you know, back to normal as good state of things for us. But yeah, this would not have been possible without all you guys and your impassioned support for our dumb thing. Correct. Any really gratified that so many of you were moved to send messages into choose co and pleading are are on our behalf. And if you if you want to four at us, those messages over deposit dot com is our inbox. We will gladly really would file away in the folder called read these when you're having a bad lead for happy. That's the that's what we should've called this podcast read for happy for happy. Okay. I'm done for done. All right. Thank you. Everybody for listening. We'll be back next week. And until then try to be happy. That was a gum podcast..

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