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Rescue anti us trade alliance i'm elliot francis officials overseeing the rescue operation of a soccer team trump in a flooded cave say teaching the twelve boys and their coach to scuba dive may be the only way to get them out of that cave andrew spencer explains instead of waiting months for the rainy season to end rescuers could teach the boys and their coach how do underwater dive but cave rescue expert mr mar mir's says diving inside a cave already dangerous even for experienced divers and now you're looking at taking people who have no experience or very little experience of diving and putting them into a complete blackout situation the boys in their coach or about a half a mile below the surface in more than a mile deep into the cave and the way to the exit is through tight flooded channels through water that is in some areas muddy and fast moving i'm andrew spent there are reports that china is pressing the european union to form an anti us trade alliance or for according to a reuters so far the european aren't interested china reportedly suggesting launching a joint action against president trump's trade tariffs at the upcoming world trade organization a nearly eighty million people are still under a heat advisory or warning right now with scorching temperatures and humidity expected to linger right through the fourth of july holiday meteorologists richard bond we're looking probably parts of new england temperatures still getting up into the nineties getting a chance of some showers and thunderstorms the south east along carolina's we've got an area of low pressure it looks brings some rain and some clouds so there the temperatures while we get up to ninety but you get a little further inland flake tennessee valley and whatnot temperatures will be in the mid nineties where in california federal judge issued a nationwide injunction wednesday at forbids homeland security from separating anymore children from their parents and orders department officials.

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