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Boys album to death. Do US part part. Yeah, redecorated out, probably did. All that shit about women Tucson's to. Putting together that. Production team, just everybody collaborating and making great music. Great Music. You know everybody's got to want to jam. You know everybody's got to have an input. It can't be fucking Egos. You know what I mean like I don't have an ego. Like, let's just let's just Cham- SPEC the best. Record that we can make. And, then we'll argue about who did the best. When is over with? Without the will at the other side, I'm jumping around so. The diary. What made you take? Ninety? Nine left balloons. Yes, for going down. Drugs. Makes tables. I love if I all. The first or we all my uncle play the bass on their shit's. Telling me on. Eddie is probably the best musician that I've ever heard my life. And I don't like them on the fuck. Do not get along him playing bass on. Favorite join emory leverage him everything. What is full name so we can look them up Eddie Wilson. He's a bad motherfucker. He bad like Princeton. Anything! Heaping plate chairs and jam. But, he blind. He's he's a fucking asshole. Michael? Blonde man. To. Me So. Leave it at that. The best collaborations are. You know what I mean. He's fucking awesome. He's awesome. Amir remember that that show. This is your life where they would bring on different people from your pass. Yes, like he should be a contest. We just. Keep bringing on all the people you hate. Sure. Can ever. Fly Yeah. We'll bring you, Bro. So. At least with the diary. Did you feel like that was your? Valentine's Day what happened with the between a diary end the the The world is yours okay, so. The world is yours smoking regular dirt, asked we. Heard this story before. When we got to fucking California. Talk about it. Who's smoking shit that has. So that that was. That's called the chronic. Shit. That's what it was mean. It made. You feel different, so it made you. Think difference when you felt different than you you. You made you think and. Play different. It was like wow. That's when she started jamming I think I. Think it was the weed man. What was always have for you with going from the diary to the untouchable? Like your production just stepped up. Home, level out of homes. Were, bad Ban. Dowse our south, my record on. Tone. Wow Yeah but mike mixed. Mike, was he? He Makes A. Lot of those albums and he played on a lot of those albums. But the production, and the mixing and the mastering of those albums, right, there was second in not yet you could hear it went up like. Wow. I believe the do I mean, do you? As, far as you being on everyone's like. Top Ten list and and and. You know this level of respect that you get. Do you feel? Do you feel valued or like I mean I've never read about you like getting into beef with other rappers. I'm into the level that it was with. During that period, the East Coast West Coast in this and met you sort of like the you were Switzerland almost like. You were the happy medium like. But did you feel as though like? I should be more respect like pioneered. I'm cool man I like this like being down here on ground level. Like being able to come out to Austin and walk back through the. Pictures and take my back to the Maroon. You know I, don't I. Don't want a whole bunch of fucking people around me. You know I? Don't need. Entourage liked being down on ground level with everybody else. Treat me like regular people all right I'm GONNA. Ask you the CLICHE. Question that I hate. Asking me. But because you're such a a pioneer of the south. How do you feel now today that? Southern Culture. Is So ubiquitous now in hip hop where it is now. Wasn't that I'm just saying it's. It's the real word. It's the gold standard. It's you know what? You know what run DMC version of new? York was for hip hop where everyone had to follow that template. Now Southern rap especially with with as far as Houston is concerned. Like. How do you? Do you feel some sort of way about it now or the way that the culture has. reinterred or e Bald? Is. It evolved or has regressed. Let me, let me finish. Let me say this because I feel like when when we first got started possible to break in New York. It was don't nobody in Philly bucked with us. You, know but also scarface is back was. And I got love. Yeah, let them Agai love, but everything sound. Everybody had their own identity though everybody now she sounds like one big long record like everything sound exactly Internet. For the neutralize undefeated. killed regionalism. You can't tell who's from where everyone sounds the same no. Because literally I was talking to a friend of mine from I'm from DC where we were talking about him. And we were talking about your relationship with DC, because he was you know in light of the anniversary of celebrating a staff for DC dues. We weren't really in that pot versus big thing for us. It was scarface them number one because he came to DC. He performed with Gogo. Band that you still do to this day. Say Yeah, but can you speak to that relationship and he goes to? To the regionalism and relationships with Mark Like that I like I like the idea of DC having on identity man like DC, never swapped out and went nowhere else. They always Gogo. You know you have some you have. Some dope has represented there you know, but but mainly the music in DC like backyard can have a are. You can have a show in DC and sell the fucking place out. Don't need no rapper in it. They don't need no big name as they are the big name and whole fucking place from from wall to wall singing. The song I'm like Damn. Shit I'm glad I didn't close. To. DC is like a meeting in DC is like Frankie. Beverly New Orleans. Always go there and get a cheque, right? It's beverly. Frankie beverly in DC because we claim to reclaim y'all. Wait a minute. No No, no, no, no, no! Break Your phillies. So why are you? What these? Where he's in DC. I gotTa Rep and that's what it is. A mother. My I see. So. As far as it regressing.

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