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Including all major sports politics reality tv you can bet on pretty much everything use promo code run twenty five and get twenty five dollar wager just for registering if you decide to posit you'll get it two hundred percent bonus match on your money once again go to bed gsi dot com use the promo code run twenty five get a free twenty five dollar wager on the house and two hundred percent extra bonus one you deposit that's run twenty five to get your free wager and start winning today jay has been run around he's been producing the show he's producing barstool idol he's been in and out in oh he just came back for his favorite part of the show and that is twitter questions from the grounds crew we always got respect for you out there yeah yeah mo the fuck it yet hala i one and this is one of those pointless questions but i love it yeah pointless shits better pitcher in his prime roy halladay recipes or max scherzer prime on lock doc oh i'll go i you go i i think max users peak is higher than anything roy halladay individually achieved i don't want it to be either because i'm gonna follow up that statement with there might be no pitcher that i enjoyed watching as the peak of his height in the post maddox pedro era than roy halladay he was everything that i needed out of a pitcher little bit of strikeouts little bit of you know.

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