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Got 10 5 Touchdown. Typical following talking galloping 27 playoff, Lenny coming up big again. Super Bowl, Lenny physical as hell dominant. Punching dudes in the face while carrying the ball. The fact that he played as Westwood one. The fact that he played the way he did last night and down the stretch says a lot about him. I think a lot about Brady Ah lot about Byron Leftwich a lot about Bruce Arians. But as much attention as the Bucks offenses getting you better you sure as hell better be giving a ton of love to Todd Bowles and that defense because those dudes showed up and they showed out in a huge way. I'm not talking about just in the game I'm talking about before the game. Did you see how shack Barrett showed up to the game got looked absolutely amazing. Or red and black faded Buffalo check suit. With a matching mask and a matching headband. I mean, you show up looking like that. That's a confident dude. Ah, confident. Look from a confident man. And then you see an opposing pass rusher short for a game like that against a makeshift offensive line. You better look the hell out. Did you catch? Nate Burleson is interview with J P P before that game is well, because that was another extremely confident, dude. I was watching the interview from where I was standing on my spot prior to my prediction, and I had not seen that spot and I was watching the interview and I was blown away Baloney away like I was so impressed by J. P p's attitude when it came to talking about his hand injury. And then his neck injury and what he learned from both those injuries in the way he bounced back. And I sure as hell took note when he said that Patrick Mahomes had to deal with him as opposed to the other way around, and he was right. They couldn't deal with him. And as long as we're talking about the Bucks, defense, exactly how many guys on the field were named Levante, David and Devon White. These guys were everywhere, shutting everything down. White had a monster game. 12 tackles two tackles for loss. Ah, past offended and a pick Tom Brady if you want the quarterback last night. And white is your Super Bowl M v p He was dealt with the M V P of the post game. He and the rest of that defense were angry man. They were pissed pissed about the fact that they were underdogs. We inside your president, but it was just crazy does that we were still under dollars. We defeated Drew Brees. We defeated Aaron Rodgers. And then we just like he was the M V P and we still was underdog. There was just no way just want to win a super women really care about what the media was saying, because the media not out there on the field A So like I said, Man, we don't even keep score. We just run it up and leave. He started start that by saying, We don't take it personally. I think he did any time Somebody says we didn't take it personally, They took it really personally. It's a good thing they did. And you want to take that anger out on Casey? The plan was to run that bleep up and leave. We talked about beating bad We knew they wanted the physical and know you know, they like a real give me killing offensive man. We don't We don't play like that man. We like smash mouth football. We like coming down here again in the trenches. That's what we built. All that's why we're the number one rest defense in the league, and that's why on the back and we strapped up, man, So we knew we want to blow him out. We knew whatever. We gave them their first game because they got because we gave him entire bulls won't let that happen this game. That's amazing Quote. Add Roisin. Amazing quote. They weren't physical enough. They were really gimmicky on offense. We want to blow them out. We want to get in the trenches. We like to come running downhill. It's so true man that is so completely and totally correct. Casey was not nearly physical enough in Tampa Bay did blow them the hell out. That's an amazing quote after the game that was impressive. Like you might be surprised by that blow out. I was a new Tampa Bay could win. I'm not surprised that they did win, but I didn't see that blowout coming. They did. They didn't That was their plan. Hi, boss and his defense control that game. They dominated the trenches and they shut my homes down. Nobody does that. Like maybe you do that for a quarter. Maybe you do that for two quarters. Maybe you even keep this guy under wraps for three quarters, but eventually you break down or he breaks you down. Not last night. Bulls was the one controlling the terms and the temple of that game, not Mahomes. Jpp was right. Mahomes really did have to deal with Tampa Bay's defense and not the other way around. That was so impressive. They were so physical, they beat them down when we come back. Michael Lombardi joins me. Anxious to get his thoughts and what that means going forward..

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