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No chance of rain. That's good news there, and currently we are looking at 36 degrees in GALT and 37 degrees. In Walnut Grove on Sacramento's Newsnight 3.1 kid became all right. Let's get to Alex to ask her a technical producer this morning. He was doing news from your neighborhood. What's not there, sir? Well, it's from the mayor's. We'll appeal Democrat and it seems like it could be a good problem to have the South Yuba County is poised for growth, but they lack the needed infrastructure to accommodate it. Yuba County supervisors recently adopted a resolution coming to participate. In a regional effort with other local partners to provide water, waste, water, transportation and other infrastructure along the highway 65 corridor. So you know, guys, this really speaks to the bigger issue of the trend that's going on this migration, the demographic moving from you know the heart of, say, San Francisco, the big city into the suburbs, you know, and it's going on everywhere and it's not going to stop. We did a story Aubrey. This was like about a week ago about rental prices, rental prices for homes in suburbs. Not what you pay the sales just through the through the room. I know it's me. I moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento and Everybody's following me and this or the price is your leader. I know right? But don't blame me. Interesting Story Associated Press reporting this morning. Some California counties now winding down the hotels for homeless program. We're seeing this throughout Northern California. Ah, lot of the federal money is drying up. So California one of several states, including Washington. That turned hotels into shelters for homeless people as the virus took hold, But now the federal money is running out and in for, for instance, they sight in this article. The department has said that they plan to move homeless people out of all 29 hotels in San Francisco. By June. So we spent a lot of time and you did a really good set of reports and Sacramento in about a week ago or week and a half ago on the problem downtown, and I know you spoke to a ton of people and the crisis is just not getting better. It's not And it in Sacramento is kind of starting to mirror what we've seen in the Bay Area. What's still going on in Oakland and I just don't know what the answer is. It's It's pretty complicated. Problem really is. That's a trend her out there this morning from the Associated Press rolling out new vaccines How will that look? We're going to break down. New revelations coming away in just three minutes was traffic reports every 10 minutes.

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