Jimmy Carter, King Flare, Jamie Lancaster discussed on Inappropriate Earl - Episode 183 - Yoshi and his sidekick Minna!


I call on king flare because uh for those of you who follow games of game of thrones earl very much like jamie lancaster uh but this is history i'm joking uh perrone your you for those for those of you who listen to this show if you don't know jimmy cars one of the biggest comedian england and early just knocked him out let's just let's be happier you beat him come on man laggard strategy yeah uh he probably had the better overall jokes to be completely honest but i think you know ross battle is not a straight joke writing it's a difference yet the day it's a different skillset but performance it also factored end yeah and i think when you throw in the performance angle of it i did beat him right of course and he's amazing it these amazing he's good at dealing with hecklers his one one of the best joke writers but he wasn't dealing with some numb knots from the audience he was a dealing with a killer and you one while dummy modest let's be you one so i don't care what out psycho i think and i i like jimmy carter voice that matt yeah people think we don't like each other where i i mean we would be good friends if we lived in the same country but he's always very nice to me and we had a counter personal conversation about stuff yeah if going on in my life that's not that he he was good sport i saw the pictures he smile or harada yeah a yard we after like when i was gone back to the hotel he sure specifically call me overson a great job yeah so he a n he doesn't need rouse bow now i don't even know why he was in it like it's a he's jimmy carter.

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