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Evo Platform. 6 25 Alright, The Drumline is clacking. I'm ready to talk some sports its copy to all right, Toni Kroos. We'll talk some college football. Shall we believe it or not? In two weeks from tomorrow, the big 10 and in Indiana Hoosiers will open their season in conference play. Mind you on the road you can't blame Coach Tom Allen for not wanting to step away from a challenge. I'll go on the road to face the other Iowa Hawkeyes. First I got to get through camp, and there's a lot of bright spots for the Hoosiers as they return a lot of folks this year and a lot of folks coming in for the first time. Six FT. 1 £215 Running back transfer Stephen Carr, who comes to Bloomington via the city of Angels, Los Angeles, where he had a great time out playing for USC. And that delights are you offensive coordinator Nick Sheridan, especially on what he's seen from from his running back here in camp. He makes people miss and he breaks tackles to me when you look at trying to get people the football You're looking for guys that can do that. I can make people miss and break tackles and, you know, get you a four yard run when there's nothing there or get you a 12 yard run when it should have been three. You know, those are the types of players that certainly make offences, explosive and score points. There's been moments where Stephen certainly has flashed in that area, and we'll see what he brings again. The Hoosiers opening the season that at Iowa two weeks from tomorrow. Let's take it inside of the court. The volleyball court last night in Bowling Green, defending national champion and third ranked Kentucky Volleyball, split four sets an exhibition play with 16th, ranked western Kentucky. Western Kentucky won the 1st and 3rd sets. The Cats took the second and the fourth and for Western Kentucky head coach Travis Hudson, he said, was good show for the Commonwealth. It's a lot of good volleyball going on out there, too great programs such a showcase for the state of Kentucky and to see our fan base turnout like that was something that is a real Impact for our players, especially during two a days and in a time when they're really, really fit fatigue, so good to see everybody in diddle it was and now both teams go their separate ways. Coach Skinner's Cats are off to date in a week from today for the date and tournament facing Texas State and host Dayton Will coach Travis Hudson's Hilltoppers are off to South Bend for the Notre Dame tournament a week from today as well. They'll face Oakland and host Notre Dame. Meanwhile, the 13th ranked Louisville volleyball team and coach Danny Bust boom. Kelly will welcome those Dayton Flyers to L. N N. Federal Credit Union Arena tomorrow before heading to the Arizona State tournament a week from Friday to face Cal Poly and Texas A and M Indiana will host their cream and Crimson scrimmage. Tomorrow at two. A bellman will open their season a week from today against Chicago State at the Eastern Illinois tournament in Charleston, Illinois. Speaking of betterment. Congratulations to this guy. After starting 2000 and 12 as a manager embellishment Scooter Galloway has worked his way up to the ranks and has been named director of basketball operations for the Knights. Galloway is no stranger to Louisville, having worked with the Louisville bats, serving as a substitute teacher with J. C. P s and at the sales High school, where he was an assistant basketball coach after earning his baccalaureate degree in Sports administration in 2018. Galloway is currently working on his M B A at bellman. And it's a big motorsport weekend starting tonight with Louisville's own Ben Rhodes at the Camping World Truck series. They'll kick off at their playoffs by the way at worldwide Technology Raceway. It's just outside ST Louis roads and nine other drivers will compete, and then they head to Darlington and Bristol in the first round, and while they move on to the round of eight roads comes in at the number three, see just two points behind Austin Hill for second As he's made. Five starts in Gateway with one top five and three top 10 finishes. Action gets going tonight at nine o'clock on FS one. That's look at your sports Add NewsRadio, 8 40. W H A s A couple of minutes. Afrin will clock in the news. Let's head to Wall Street now for this Bloomberg money updating Courtney Donahoe. Hey there. Good morning, Tony. Let's get.

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