Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton discussed on Sean Hannity


I doubt it and now we know from struck in page, and in that case this goes right to the office of the former attorney general or call her attorney general tarmac. That's where Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton for forty five minutes. We always meet on hot tarmac in Phoenix where it's one hundred ninety degrees. And we talked about our grandkids for nearly an hour and that now struck and paid said we knew the fix was in. Why they're even saying it because they were all Democrats working for Hillary and Loretta Lynch. Hillary supporters and Loretta the fix was in there saying it, then you've got struck in page themselves. Then you got Andy McCabe lying. And of course, what role they may have played an obstruction of Justice member McCabe fired for by the G for line that would be false misleading. Statements perjury under oath, obstruction of Justice. What about the dossier six statutes that Greg Jarrett identified, and we'll show all of this on TV tonight under which the FBI DOJ officials could be prosecuted, for example, the evidence the FBI DOJ new the dossier was largely fabricated. They will warned in August the twenty sixteen they knew it was unverified. We now know it's unverified bowl they knew what was paid for by Clinton. And the Democrats they knew the person that compiled it was a Trump hater, they knew steel was fired for lying and leaking at that point. Or soon thereafter, they knew. Scope a- Tory evidence that we know they didn't disclose on purpose. And then of course, you got call me and those that signed the Warrenton Andrew McCabe, sign one and Sally Yates and Dana Bouillon and rod Rosenstein. Sorry. Said it wrong by signing those applications those officials outing for the accuracy or authenticity integrity of the evidence presented to the court. And then, of course, omitting the main part of the evidence that Hillary paid for it. False and misleading statements. Obstruction of Justice. What we have is simple. It is. It is an arrogant group of powerful people that protected their favorite presidential candidate from from the very same charges all of you would face obstruction espionage act they committed. They literally lied on multiple levels to Pfizer court judges. They committed a fraud on the court in multiple ways, they were spying on an opposition party through illegal means in the middle of an election year, they denied an American citizen due process and constitutional rights. They denied we the people of free and fair election. We're smelly WalMart people. What are we matter? And then the attempted coup using the same dossier to bludgeon Donald Trump and the media's help complicity in all of this with lie. After lie after lie built on more psychotic hate and rage than I've ever seen in this country's history. And then a one sided team. Hillary lovers appointed the supreme council and think of all the collateral damage. The popadopoulos is the general Flynn's the Carter pages. Hey for three dollars and thirty three cents a month. What if I told you you can protect all of your online actively by all of your devices? Now, if you use public wifi, especially you need Norton secure their virtual private network, and let me tell you something..

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