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Opposing the recall for NPR news. I'm Scott Shaffer in San Francisco, You're listening to NPR news from Washington. Live from news 88 7 in Houston. I'm Matt Harrop. Tropical Storm Nicholas is moving through our region slowly Can Prohaska at the National Weather Service as the latest forecast, Well, it's currently located pretty much over the branch has been state Park, Iowa Colony area. It is very slowly drifting off to the East and Northeast. Uh, we're still getting quite a few showers and thunderstorms that are feeding up in the Chambers County and then kind of harking back into Harris County. All across liberty and up in the Montgomery County. Um, so we've still got some issues with coastal flooding in and around Galveston Bay. Those tides really got jacked up overnight with all those strong winds and everybody got to experience. And then we've got the flooding that's coming down through the value system, You know, Let's get an update on the latest rainfall totals. We now go live to our reporter Sarah Wila. Ernst has been tracking the flooding situation and the rain pile up. Sarah, What can you tell us? Good morning, Matt. So when it comes to rainfall, we're seeing around three inches in Houston for the total of a tropical storm. Nicholas, um, closer to the coast in Southeast Harris County. It's been more like 6 to 7 inches. That's around the Webster and NASA Bay area and northern parts of the county have seen a lot less rain. It's more in the 1 to 2 inches rain. Of rain right now, But when it comes to the rink, rainfall it has really dropped off and in recent time and you know it's a lot more dry than it was last night and this morning, the latest from Harris County Flood Control District, So they're saying that they're monitoring certain channels for flooding right now. That's like the Santa Santa River at Rio via and the Buffalo Bayou area at turning basin. Um, so you know, for the most part, they're telling people that.

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