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Coach to go into that. The home of a seventh grader and say, you know, your son looked so good on tape. I'm offering him a scholarship. I mean it now if you win and said, hey, if your son works, hard and baba blah a one day, maybe he could play for Michigan. But if this story is true happens more basketball. I think tank as you can see the, you know, hey, the kids seventh grade, but he's seven one and he looks like shock, and he's got muscle development of a twenty six year old, man. And he's you know, but here's the father. He says the family was shocked an excited for the opportunity. He says Harbaugh called him up on the phone and told him your son has a scholarship to Michigan. I mean, that's and that's pretty I honor. It sounds the honor. It also don't think that high school game should be on television. I just kidding me. They're everywhere. I go. I know and again as we used to have Bob lattice saw the day LaSalle coach, he agreed. But good. Had a lot of his games on ESPN. Exactly there. Dennis. How's games are on ESPN? But that's the point. I'm making is that I think if you make it like like, LeBron James or somebody. Okay. Just part of your your living. But to me if you're on as a high school kid, doesn't that make you think you're something special? And I just wonder if for every guy who goes on from there. It would make us think we're special because we didn't grow up with impotency grew up with eight. It's not a special adds a good point. That's a good point too. I will agree with that that okay? But I'm just saying that these kids that are on. It's incredible. Mike kid played at north Keith this year, you know, I can watch film of you know, from the huddle dot com or whatever of and I'm seriously, I'm watching I'm watching sideline wide. I'm watching an end zone wide. I it's like I'm watching NFL films of Northgate play Rodriguez high school, or whatever it's it's incredible stuff. It really is. And and that's a great point, especially if you can watch your son a little bit on these scouting films. My thing though, is that these kids get recruited them. Because now they got highlights you can just send an Email. But just that you. Freshen at that as that you are something special and totally I mean for for every kid who goes off. But if you don't get the scholarship or you don't or these guys that don't go pro, man. Oh, man. It's just so many stories that you're used to be a big shot since your kids. Seventh fricken grade twelve. Like five years away from shaving by the way. You're listening to Gary and Larry on Cambier San Francisco KC in HD, two San Mateo, the sports leader, and George Karl is gonna join us bottom of the hour. But this story I am cheeses before. And I got I know you don't wanna go into down this road because we like. Like this guy. We liked this guy. But this story is the most disturbing story. I've heard this week definitely in this week, probably months. John wetland. You see this story bay area native. I believe cardinal Newman high school Santa Rosa guy. I'm not sure about cardinal Newman. But I know he's a Santa Rosa guy. He's a former major league three-time all-star with the New York Yankees nineteen Ninety-six World Series MVP with the Yankees came up with the dodgers. He's been charged in Texas with continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of fourteen wetlands fifty two he's accused of of of having a four year old perform a sexual act on him. Yeah. That's that's the end. I mean that is the end yet. I I didn't know I didn't heard the four. Yeah. Four years old four years old. That is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's obviously heinous. And you know, I know he's a local guy. No, he has family here. And I know there's there's two sides every story these are accusations. That have nothing's been proven. We need to give him that. But that is just you mind me asking we've got this far is just like a that was the parent of the four year old. I don't I don't know the details other than it was it was was charged in Texas with continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of fourteen. And then when you read the details, it says it mentions that it was a four year old saw me, and I just unbelievably disturbing. I probably shouldn't even brought that up. But it is a is one of the major stories. Out there this morning, and obviously had cash other. When I first started here. Larry his or called in. There was a musician. And he would you know, just kind of a cool guy and back and forth, and he would call in and his son. My guys was. I mean, he really had a great baseball career. But that's he's he's if indeed that's true. It's it's a six. It's a it's. Yeah. Is this the unthinkable? Sorry. Sorry to bring us down. I mean, that's that's in the news. I'm just curious what our audience is feeling on Antonio Brown. You know what? I mean. Is there your loving the Antonio Brown's yet? Yeah. Because I think that automatically makes you I mean, hey, forty Niners. All of a sudden, there's an air of excitement around them. Instead of let's wait and see what happens and hopefully Garoppolo comes back one hundred percent healthy, you get a guy like that. And I think there's there's the interest level jumps up. And I think there's an excitement level that good draft choices. Yeah. Great. But when you get somebody like that it's like to say to nine you guys should should bring Antonio Brown on the air. Sure. What he says on Cambior would make national news. I'm sure it would I you know, it's this all to me. I mean, not that. I'm telling you anything, you don't know. It's all gonna come down to Shanahan and Lynch, and how they view it. Yeah. How they view where there rebuild is at how they view their wide receiver. For core. I will say this a quick perusal of the forty Niners depth chart shows you that they have severe needs at wide receiver. I mean, look what they have Dante Pettis coming off an injury marquees Goodwin. Was awful this year. Couldn't stay healthy. Couldn't stay on. The field. Wasn't dependable at all Kendrick Barnes and undrafted free agent who can't get lined up correctly in week seventeen. Trent Taylor is a tiny little guy doesn't separate who's coming off of some horrendous. Injuries is back. This year screwed him up Ritchie James is a small bodied speedster who flash some things, but durability questions left and right peer gar son is clearly moving on at the end of the year. So I mean, it's a ghost town. They don't they don't have wide receivers. They clearly need to make an investment this off season in wide receivers. Now. It doesn't have to be Antonio Brown. Maybe so del Beckham junior. Maybe it's in the draft. Maybe it's both. Maybe maybe they go free agency and the draft. But I would say if you said right now the Niners number one and number two needs. They don't have any outside pass rusher worth a damn. And they don't have a wide receiver outside of Dante Pettis that I think you can really say, yeah. That guy's gonna be on the on the team two years from now. So why receivers severe need out, you know, outside pass rusher. Ab- a Joey Bosa. I mean, one of the one of the big decisions one of the big interesting things to follow here in the next. You know, couple months as we get close to the draft is what Tarazona gonna do Arizona's get the first pick in the draft. And they're either gonna take Nick Bosa, which I don't know what they're what defense they can run. And they get around a three four they can run a four three going around three or four. They're probably not gonna take Nick Bosa. Then people say oh Cuyler Murray because their coach, right? Said once upon oh, I think he's gonna be great. He's not bound by that. And they have they have Josh Rosen. But I mean, yeah, do they go to they trade? You know, they they could trade down with the, you know, the Jaguars or the New York Giants or one of these teams looking to move up for twain Haskins or Cuyler Murray, they could take the big defensive tackle from from Alabama, Quinn and Williams who had a monster year, they can take big at over from Houston. They can take Josh Allen the the outside rush guy from Kentucky if they're going to run a three four maybe they go with Josh Allen. He's kind of a three four outside backer. But we don't know what defense are gonna run. But ultimately it comes down to what they do at one. And if they go quarterback, the Niners could be, you know, have Nick Bosa who's a very polish powerful, you know, very versatile player, very athletic. He could fall in their lap now. And then the other counter to that is he didn't play this year because of injuries his brothers. Missed a lot of time because of injuries the boasts of brothers are talented, but they don't play a lot of football in. At least in recent history tells. Us that paid off for the older one it did. But I mean, do you want to invest the second pick in a draft on a guy who's you know, not gonna play every single week. I mean, they they gotta do their due diligence and figure out to Nick Bosa sit out the sheer solely for financial reasons. Or does Nick bozo. Not loved to play. Some people are really talented. They don't love to play you better love to play. If I'm an investor top five pick out, and I will for the tenth time this morning say that's why would never be a general manager is that I wanna see something now. And if I'm Lynch, and I'm Shanahan you have another year. Like, you did the last two patients is gonna wear out and you made oh, wait hope this draft pick develops you made by the time it comes down to your your fourth or fifth year. I know they got along contract. But man, do I want the wolves of my door. I I wanna I want some excitement now and a guy can help me win. Golden what you really need you need a great player. Doesn't matter. What position? Mcshea? We mentioned this yesterday. Mcshane's got his top thirty two out. This is the top five Nick Bosa one Quinton Williams from Bama to the LSU linebacker, Devon white whose of you know, think Patrick Willis. He that's what he is. He's three Jeffrey Simmons the big defensive tackle from Mississippi State is number four. He's interesting because he might be the most talented player in the draft. But also a domestic violence thing in his past which probably the Niners. Steer clear that greedy Williams the corner of Mela she was five so all defensive players basically in the top of the draft. Maybe somebody reaches for Haskins mcshea has Haskins at eleven and Cuyler Murray. He says is going to go twenty four th overall. So he's got he's got Murray. More end of the round one guy. Not a tile round weighed on him your player what has to happen between now on draft day. But that's how it's shaking out today. Real quick couple of these callers here on Brown lucky. Go ahead. San Francisco Cambier. Yes, sir. What's a hockey? Another need to go get Antonio crooked and a fish bugger picked off many me to go get him quicker than away. Burger picked up at two in the morning. I would say you gots to make it fast. And you're just a tick tock finger down. I haven't been to take tax. What is it? No, no. Oh my God. Man. The best fish burger cheese burger after two o'clock in the morning. Okay. Yeah. Problem is now the when I got married I met this young lady. She'll let me out of the house at two in the morning. Not hanging on third street looking for burgers now. Lucky? I've never chewed never too late to change real quick though, you kind of riding with me make something happen. And he's a guy who can do. So. Yes, he is. He's the top guy that can do. So any wants to come play for us? Thank your lucky seat at the two AM. You wanna just talk thirty seconds of Derek just for the flipside go, Derek. Jerry, Larry, thanks for taking my call. These sports leader. I you know, I love to have Brown. He's the cherry on the cake. But we need we need. We I don't want to do it. Let's get Josh Allen move Sherman safety and then go get some free agents. All right. Thanks very much there. George carlin's coming up on.

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