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To W GOP on Alexa to say Aleksa open T o p o k w T O P News on mobile on Alexa Trust authorities this morning confirmed they have, in fact fell the body of glee star Naya Rivera in a Southern California lake after she had disappeared. I'm a pontoon boat that she had rented with her four year old son. Rivera was only 33 Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayoub says. Naya Rivera is four year old son said his mother had boosted him back out to the boat. After they had been swimming in Lake Piru. He turned around and saw her disappear under the water. The rental operator noticed the boat was overdue for return and found the boy in a life jacket on board asleep under a towel. An adult life jacket was found on the boat. Ayoub says Rivera may have gotten stuck and thick vegetation under the water that kept divers from searching the area thoroughly. We believe she was concealed within some of the The shrubbery on the floor bed of the lake. I'm Margie Szaroleta Double GOP 12 42 Tuesday morning in the morning and out likely to be a very different experience. This fall is mini state sea surges in Corona virus cases Right now college is getting ready to reopen across the country, many conducting a hybrid of in person and remote learning. But paying thousands of bucks for a very different type of experience during the pandemic has many parents wondering if it's really worth it all way of CBS news business analyst Schlessinger. If it is worth it, If you're incurring a lot of debt where this is concerned, Well, I don't know if it's gonna help if you have not had your financial life impacted by the virus, but Let's just presume that you have, like half the country has essentially financially been hurt by this virus, and you were awarded a financial aid package that wasn't maybe was fine based on last year's tax return, But this year is a whole different picture. Then you go back and you actually try to negotiate. However, if you're just sort of angry, which I understand, you know. Hey, I don't want to pay the exact same amount of money for tuition. If it's all online, versus being in a classroom, I think that that's going to be a tougher road for you. I do think it's a really good time to assess what exactly you're paying for. Because of course, we know college is worth it. You know, certainly people who have college degrees Make more over their lifetimes than those who don't have college degrees. But there's a caveat. If you're making more money, and all that money is going to paying down debt because you've accumulated that to get your college degree. The equation doesn't work out quite so well. What about for families that have student loans is they're sort of a silver lining at this point. Well, the only silver lining is if you will be borrowing for this upcoming academic year, right stood for The loans that would be dispersed now, basically until the end of the second semester June of 2021. Those rates are down at historically low levels 2.75% for undergraduate borrowing, parents and plus loans. Those air 5.3% 4.3% for graduate lunch now. If you have old loans and their higher interest rates, you're kind of bummed because there's nothing to do about that with the federal government system these air federal loan rates, But if you want to refined finance with a private lender, you can certainly find lower rates. But remember, you're going to give up a lot of benefits that some of the federal loans have in terms of repayment options. That you mentioned. It's not really worth it. If you're incurring a ton of debt, how much is too much to borrow? This is amazing to me. I think it's a very good rule of thumb and it keeps people out of trouble. Mark Kantrowitz, he started the saving for college website. It's a really good website. Lots of information there. He's always said The best thing you can do is limit your borrowing to what you think your first year's salary will be. So you're going to be an engineer and you graduate from G W or something. You're going to get paid 75 or $80,000 then don't borrow more than 75 or $80,000. But let's say you're going to be a teacher and you graduate, and then your first job's going to maybe be $40,000. You shouldn't borrow more than $40,000. The key here is to try to get these loans paid off within 10 years of graduation and really a good rule of thumb for the parents do not borrow more for all of your Children. Then your annual income. So you have three kids. You guys make $100,000 together As a family. You cannot borrow $150,000 or 50 grand per kid. Keep it under your household income That should help you stay out of trouble. CBS News Business analyst feels less Inger Thie conversation with our Debbie Feinstein you're listening to one of 3.5 mandible GOP dot com. Sports at 15 and 45. Brought to you by your local Honda dealer Don't settle for less than a Honda. Warriors, red tails, red wolves or something else. The next name of Washington's NFL team, Khun Go in so many different directions. After the franchise retired, the Redskins named John Feinstein of The Washington Post tells w t O p Your team is your team. I don't think they'll change the team colors. If the team is winning, people are going to go to the stadium. People are going to die by the new gear. If the team is losing, then they're going to be very unhappy, but that has nothing to do with the name changes in the front offices. Well, don Warren's named the assistant director of pro personnel. He had played tight end for the team during their three Super Bowl winning seasons and was previously a scout for Carolina. Baseball. The Nationals, Max Scherzer through 67 pitches over four innings in an interest squad game, while manager David Martinez was impressed with his hitters at bats, and that's something that we talked about, You know, you got to take every bat like it means something right now, because you know you were hoping that the in about 30 about yourself before this thing gets started that's played the first of three exhibitions this Saturday. WN, BA mystics forward Elena Della Donne tells ESPN A panel of physicians has denied her request to opt out of the 2020 season due to medical concerns. The reigning league MVP has been living with Lyme disease for 12 years, and her personal physician said that Della Donne was at risk for contacting Cove in 19. Now, she either has to play or not get paid. Dave Preston. W T F EA SPORTS Alright, thanks. Davey has always felt 47 update on traffic and weather together one minute AWAY. News Update. Several STATES air dialing back re opening amid a surgeon Corona virus Infections California Governor gathered. Newsome closed indoor.

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