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Dot com slash commercials or price could vary depending on your health issuing company and other factors not available in all states. Here's your forecast on news Talk A 30 W. C. CEO is brought to you by twin City underwriters mostly sunny today, becoming a little more humid, high of 84 mostly clear tonight, down to 64 overnight and then tomorrow heating up a little bit more mostly sunny high of 86 down to 68 Thursday night. Friday brings us a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and warmer yet with high of 87 right now for the weekend Saturday looks possibly a little wet in the morning with some thunderstorms, but otherwise Nice day on Sunday, with mostly sunny skies highs both days in the mid eighties. Right now, it's mostly sunny. 75 w cco radio dot com. From the Rudy Luther Toyota Traffic Center weighs traffic, keeping an eye on trouble spots, including 94 eastbound Prior Avenue, Right shoulder blocked by an accident. Another accident to your along 35 w South bound after 4 90 for no big delays as a result of this incident, but a stalled vehicle here has the right shoulder blocked with brake lights along 1 69 north bound at River Be Road. Aside from that the ongoing roadwork 65 in both directions reduced to one lane between 1st and 2nd. Christina Casco News, Doc a 30 W Cco traffic brought you by Rudy Luther Toyota and Rudy Luther Toyota. Every car sold comes with the Luther advantage. You'll receive 10 cents off each gallon of gas and discounted carwashes at holiday for three years with each vehicle purchase. Yes, a newscast used the rewind feature on radio dot com. Now, with the new pushing up, give it like human. I've given you given you Well, welcome back like Max and Paul and George in 3 to 6. Six o'clock our news half hour than the pregame Chris said. Bird like talk about tonight. After Kenta Maeda takes a no hitter in the ninth last night, and they almost lose the game, but they still win it. It's crazy, man. It was like the best the baseball In. Ah Last night four because there's everything involved in it. Don't forget one of the easiest ways to listen to new stock. A 30 W cco at home is on your smart device. Just tell you're smart device..

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