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Better than I thought I actually was a closer game than I thought it would be also, but the patriots pull it out in the end. I was a little puckered up on that hail Mary, but I wasn't that one. Then I told everybody the Vikings at the jets. I don't everybody's so hype on the jets and suddenly forgot that the Vikings are really good football team. The Vikings were only three point favorite. So I thought was a disaster. So I told everybody the jets would lose. That bet. And guess what I was right again. Now, were you with me on that one Vikings? I think member. I said, I didn't have to pick. That's what I think that the Vikings we're going to beat them because the jets were bad. So then I have my one hiccup and let me tell you. I'm not pleased that this one I blame Vince particularly because he's an eagles fan. The Panthers were a three and a half point underdog to the eagles. And I believed that the eagles have had righted the ship and would come in and would hand handle the Panthers and for three quarters, I've felt really good about that decision three-quarters. It's the largest fourth quarter comeback in franchise history, the Panthers alarming them sitting there watching a watching different game at the time, and I'm looking to score and I'm like, I'm comfortable with this. And then suddenly I'm saying no longer comfortable, no longer comfortable Cam ripped my heart out. I lose this one because I thought the eagles would win by more ram wasn't Cam rep in your heart out that was Doug Peterson doing the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do with a seventeen point lead run the ball once in the fourth quarter. And the only excuse that I heard that it gave me even a second of pause is that if you have a whole bunch of RPO's that you're calling that have the option to be a run, but you don't look out across the field and decide to do a run. You can look at the box score and say, how did you not have a single run or just one run out of those seventeen plays or whenever it was and it could be not because you never call the run play, but because you kept calling our PEOs and choosing pass. If you're in a situation like that, though, you need to skip the RPO's and straight up, call a run and kill some time on the clock. And the fact that he never figured that out is surprising to me from coach that I believe in. Absolutely. And you know, it's funny because I just completely destroyed my variable earlier for what I think was a learning moment for him as a coach in is aggressiveness for the titans. I will say here for Doug Peterson, when you have the proof of concept that he has, you get a little bit more benefit of the doubt, right? We praise the aggressiveness when it works, but there has to be a moment where you look at it and say, hey, guys. The one thing we're not going to do is let them back in the game inexcusable loss for the eagles, but but. It's not all bad saints ravens. This one was like an honor of Halloween, stealing candy from a baby and ravens were two and a half point favorite. I said, heck, no, that was not going to happen. They would lose the bet. That's right. Good about that when the saints are unbelievable. At this point offensively what they're able to do, I believe in it. Now it did take a little bit of luck. I did have to get a little bit of luck. I will admit a missed extra point for the first time in your career is not the way you want to win a bit, but I will take Sarah whatever I can get it, the ravens surprising. I mean, that was a shocking moment for the ravens. All they did was force over overtime and it was gonna make it more difficult for me. They don't get it done. They don't cover, they lose the bet I win, which takes me ready for this. As of now, I'm nineteen fourteen in two fourteen to the falcons game tonight gives me the opportunity to go well above. I mean, four one feels so much better than three and right like it really does..

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