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I'll tell you right now. You'd be pretty pissed and there are a lot of guys not room. What bonuses tied to whether or not teams make the playoffs. That stuff matters man like guys are going to be all living if they've got a time because in this case we're going to go down up cole. Beasley whatever he gets it he gives it to somebody who's vaccinated but now you know what they showed positive tests on a friday day week's game. Well maybe it costs them an incentive bonus. Maybe they're trying to get the ten shocks and the year with nine and they're going that. Sob cost me that game. What if i had a sack in that game. That was a million dollars from me like this is high stakes. These guys really. I don't think he's gonna get cut. But i'll tell you right now. They're gonna be a lot of players. There are a lot of players in that room. I'm sure or are not happy with the way that's gone down. Yeah what if. He gives it the josh allen on a friday. And then you lose game right because like and of course you know i know before you all start blowing up our twitter. We know vaccinated. People can get it. We know vaccinate people can spread it. But you know read about it. It's a hell of a lot more likely for unvaccinated people. They're the ones who get hospitalized. All these other things. I think just not to get too preachy here. But i i'm a hell of a lot more scared at cove than i am a vaccine. I know there are risks associated with injecting. Anything your body. But i'm a hell of a lot more scared of getting cova than i am about getting a vaccine which i've gotten and i'm fine so i want patrick mahomes to get go but i don't want cheese to lose games over overshot it's just it's madness but let's move on but it's gonna be a storyline so you're going to have to hear us talk about it. Unfortunately because this thing ain't going away time soon it looks like because not enough. People are are doing their part. So let's talk about the rosser and who's going to make the roster now this is a this is the romeo coronel. Todd haley herm edwards edwards days. Where you know. All the guys were off the street in avert haram and i had a were on the roster bubble back then This is a much this is..

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