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Hi mike how are you join you yeah it is definitely my priority you know i grew up in arizona i love it here there's so much to see and really a couple of years ago a few years ago now is kind of hard to keep track of time but i was really really sick i had been newly diagnosed with a disorder and for a couple of years i was really cooped up i had very limited physical abilities and i was smiling through the pain to hold onto my career i was on a lot of medications that really slowed me down and made me foggy and i hated my life and one day i realized you know i'm going to be in pain whether i lay here on the couch and do nothing or whether i get outside and do some things that i enjoy i'd always really loved hiking and so i just kind of started going to the phoenix mountain preserves and doing some of the easier trails and i just found that as i started to to remember my own abilities and get outside and be distracted from my pain it really started to turn things around for me so cool you needed some vitamin d girl doses sunshine right you.

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