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Sports i love the competition the camaraderie the bands the crowds all the pageantry and i wanted to keep playing but i graduated no colleges called and neither did the pros so to stay close to the game i loved i decided to become a high school official you know a referee when i played high school sports i learned the importance of integrity good sportsmanship and respect for the rules now as a high school official i get to help model the same values to others maybe the colleges and the pros didn't call but the kids in idaho did and now i'm enjoying the cop titian the come ratahries the bands the crowds and all the pageantry of high school sports all over again this message presented by the idaho high school activities association and the idaho athletic administrators association and though more local news more often news talk six seventy kboi i'm john batchelor professor stephen f colonists here were speaking of the new cold war and the silence of the jobs as the professor names at once upon a time when i was younger person the professor was known as pro kremlin or a kremlin the knowledge issed a man who spoke up for finding a new way to approach the kremlin this is during brezhnev's time and then the quick andropov chernenko followed by what we know now to be the way forward gorbachev but professor this is the new called war and you measure that it's more dangerous how so quickly well we talked about this allott saw just mentioned the epi center political epicenter of the forty five year cold war was in berlin the berlin wall that was the flashpoint endanger point today each right on russia's borders because nato expansion shall we we now have potential hop war you talked about it let's walking avenue david they've come up with a new metaphorical version of.

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