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O'clock. Good morning I'm Chris Franklin NRA defense. Stand your. Ground, that. Story coming up first. Let's get an update on the roads here's daisy ash Florida central credit union hormones traffic center have an accident south on. A two seventy five in manatee. County a little bit north of US forty one the left lanes still blocked here hopefully they will reopen that shortly, and the ramp, from southbound seventy five to northbound i. seventy-five remains closed long-term construction westbound. Gandy boulevard there was a minor accident on. The west side of the Gandy bridge looks like it's all off to the side let's say sixty remains close with, railroad crossing, repairs east of Clarence Gordon, junior road in eastern Hillsborough county DC ashes radio night seventy WFL onshore wind flow keeping rain chances near the coast this morning and inland this afternoon with highs near ninety seventy eight degrees at NewsRadio. Nine seventy WFL a the deadly parking lot confrontation, in, Clearwater, last month generated nationwide controversy over the states Stand. Your, ground law now the Pinellas state attorney. Is filed. Manslaughter, charges. In the case the Pinellas Pasco state attorney's office has now concluded its review of the deadly shooting of marquees mcglockton and has charged Michael Drako. With manslaughter this case has generated. National attention because Drake claimed self defense under the state's stand your ground law last month Penilla sheriff Bob Gualtieri defended, his decision not, to arrest Drako the final charging decision will be made by the state. Attorney is the law says it should in. This situation Drake is bond has now been set at one hundred thousand dollars Gualtieri has issued a brief written statement, saying only, that he supports the state, attorney's decision Sharon Parker NewsRadio nine seventy WFL attorney Michelle Rainer represents the family of victim marquees mcglockton she says it's a bittersweet moment as mcglockton young son started school without his dad biocide this is the first of many Milestones in Mr. mcglockton children's life. That he will, miss because of Michael drako's actions and because essentially what we believe the stand your ground law that that empowered him to do so critics. Have accused the National Rifle Association of going dark by refusing to comment on the mcglockton shooting former NRA president. Marion hammer, and Tallahassee says no one's been muzzled we talk. All the time it's just we know win to keep our mouths shut because you, shouldn't comment on something before, you have enough information to speak intelligently on it hammer insists there's. Nothing wrong with these stand your ground law and the outcome of the case will be. Determined by the facts she thinks prosecutors. Made a mistake by charging Drako instead of taking. The case, to a grand jury the candidate running for a Sarasota area seat for the. State house is apologizing for doctoring Her resume Forty-six year, old Melissa Howard claimed. She was a graduate of. Miami of Ohio but the school says she never got a degree Howard took down a picture of a fake diploma she posted online Howard a. Republican says, she is staying in the race it's the half, year Mark since Florida's worst school massacre of all time I'm Peter. King at pine trails park in parkland Florida six months ago this park was the scene of seventeen. Crosses erected here right now this meadow.

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