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Her again, and the cabinet has very special unique. Look the way the cabinet shaped and the shape of this car came from Dr Freeman, Thomas whom you probably know also I know know this this car. car, you know the name. Remind me what else? What else did he do? Well, the most famous car that he did in his younger h was see t t. Oh. Definitely original one of the first. The first one. Yeah, that's a classic. We were just talking about that another show with the baseball gloves stitching. Yes, baseball, love leather. Great. Definitely see some similarities between kind of matching fenders. How much how much came in does that vehicle use? Ciro Cayman. We are using the front end of the nine, seven, nine, eleven. And from the center of the car, we're building our own frame every the way to the back everything. Oh, we're birdcage and independent suspension with push rods and and. Sorry, I said, came in. There's no just the of the glass and the roof structure and the doors. No, they could be the windshield special. It's not fitting from Porsche cycles is also different. That doesn't exist in a Porsche. The only thing you could interchange are the doors. The doors. Okay. All right. And the Taylor, it's the tail lights are coming from existing. Okay. At that time we didn't want to go to our own Taylor because that's very, very expensive. I learned that now with the new one, that'd be homologated a new tail gating just just to have them produced really. What does that tell me as I've never done that? What does that process like to have a tail light made for car. It. It goes over two years and you have to find somebody that you can actually afford to do it because if you go to the very big companies, you're kind of fought it. You need to order three, three million euros for Taylor. Wow. Yes. Can only be done for for Carter.

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