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Many times jokes are grievances. Somebody has a grievance and i would say my materials the same way weaving waiter right. So where do i get that. While it just living my day to day life something will happen to me eventually and it'll aggravate me and if it keeps happening. I keep getting aggravated. I wanna talk about. I may tell them. I may just bring it up A friend or something at first and then complain about it and then it will go from there. I might that might record myself complaining about it and listen to it again and see this job because i think this might be something and then i'll just try it on stage complain about it an i'll try to make it funny and then i'll see if the audience agrees if something's bothering me chances are it's bothering somebody else. If if using yakult as an email platform is bothering me than assurance bothering other people. So then i find that if i start making fun of jakko that other people agree. Oh shit yeah you're right. Terrible spam filters among yet. This is how jokes were me. And i'm sure that you've experienced crowds of different senses of humor so has your act evident onstage. Gaffe sure absolutely. I mean it's that's going to happen to any canadian a especially if you're if you're new when you have to. That's why when. I mentioned earlier that it helped me with my acting. You know 'cause. I've d- i on stage so many times. It helps you because as an actor mike. Forget your lines or something. We might stumble on your words stutter in That's kind of the same feeling especially if it's in theater in your onstage than it's very much the same feeling you know you have to learn how to bounce back from that so many times on stage eventually learn how to get through that and it still happens to me of course. Of course i mean especially if you do different crowds different countries. Sittings move around. You know not. Everybody thinks the same. Seventy million people voted for donald. Trump should tell you something to tell you that a lot of people. Don't think the same way that i do. And so and that's just my country now. Now at gun shows in singapore japan malaysia. Taiwan canada.

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