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On overburden room has gone assam to take a different transportation is tom well we ask how in the train we had a 45minute busride 45minute busride divorcees may try arise so redesign obwona trained with the squad and it tantawi them of those royalism why higher was going suit whiskers i'll noticed during a trip said can you not okay so often group good i'm glad they took the subway they're having fine i'm all about that put that on your institution story yeah but don't put other people on your story or if fill them without asking that's just rude and this guy the one who said kenya not he i think is is on his facebook he said wasn't it was first thing in the morning i hadn't finished my lot say and i didn't feel like being film plus it's not good lighting the subway like i get it i don't wanna be on camera and so i i think that that was pretty funny what is also a message to everyone don't just assume that you can use people because a lot of times they're like making fun of them almost an away lagos look at this guy on the subway that i'm squishing squishing mean is that a snow squishy hamilton hamilton said he was taking up all the seat is really unaware of of the personal space which also i wanna say this if you're writing public transportation like the t the subway whatever it is if there is a woman there especially pregnant or an elderly person man or woman dmz space give them space yes let them said.

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