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For America. Everything we care about. Our economy. Our health. Our Children. Kind of country we live in. It's all on the line. PARIS, The first woman of color on a national ticket says racism needs to be rooted out calling for John Lewis Voting Rights Act, referring to the congressman and civil rights leader who recently died. A senior postal official says the agency won't prioritize mail in ballots for delivery unless states pay for first class postage has been behavior from member station VPN reports that comes amid concerns over a recent changes at the Postal Service. In the past, voting rights groups say the Postal Service moved mountains to make sure ballots got delivered. But at a round table hosted by Senator Mark Warner. USPS is head of Election Mail said ballots would not be prioritized unless they were first class Mail. Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, said it sounded like the Postal Service was trying to quote cut the books. USPS maintains that its policies on ballots haven't changed. The agency's new postmaster has been under fire for promoting cost cutting measures and a sudden reorganization. Democrats say those changes will delay key male ranging from ballots to medicine. For NPR news. I'm Ben Pave your enrichment. Another high school near Atlanta will stop in person learning due to possible exposure to the Corona virus from member station W. A. V. Martha Dalton reports. It's the second Cherokee County High School to close in his many days. The district announced it will close Woodstock High School due to 14 confirmed cases of cove in 19 and 15 pending tests. Almost 300 staff and students of the school are quarantined. Ottawa High School was shut down for a similar outbreak. A picture of unmasked Fedewa students standing shoulder to shoulder went viral. Last week. Both schools will shift to remote classes while the district clean school buildings, officials say they expect more quarantines and more school closures as they navigate the pandemic. Officials hope to resume in person classes at both high school's August 31st for NPR News. I'm Martha Dalton in Atlanta. Wall Street was hired by the closing Bell, the Dow off 289 points just over 1% at 27,976. NASDAQ up 2.1% getting 229 points at 11,012 and the S and P 546 points at the gate of 1.4%. This's NPR Live from the news and terrorists. Tyler Kaiser Permanente is now expanding its services to include contact tracing, pouring $63 million into the effort to contain the Corona virus is health correspondent April. No, Bosque explains. Contact tracing is generally the responsibility of state and local governments. But many counties have struggled to hire enough tracers to keep up with new infections. Now Kaiser is partnering with the nonprofit Public Health Institute to hire its own. The institute CEO Mary Pittman says a patient who test positive for the virus in a Kaiser clinic will be connected to a Kaiser contact tracer right away, and we think that immediate handoff will make contact tracing. More effective because there won't be a gap in time. She says they will focus on recruiting a diverse, multi lingual workforce who can connect with the communities of color that are most impacted by the virus. I'm April Damn. Bosque News Governor Gavin Newsom is crediting mask wearing for a decline in the spread of Cove in 19 in California at a press conference this afternoon. Newsome said the number of Californians hospitalized with the virus has declined by 19% in the last two weeks. What you are doing is working. Wearing those face masks. Is responsible. I believe disproportionate for this trend line. But the trend line of new daily infections and test positivity rate is still unclear. That's because of a glitch in the state computer system that caused hundreds of thousands of cases to go unreported. Newsom says the backlog will likely be cleared this week in Oakland..

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