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Room love. They would do anything for Kyle or I feel the same about Washington. Where are you going here? It's good. You know, but the Giants are bad. The Giants are not the team. They were earlier in this year. I think this to me is a give me. I think Washington's going to take this game fairly with ease. About 7, 5, and one team. Yeah, possibly. Front 7 is no longer on pain. Legit 8 and a half sacks. These are free agent everybody. A career high 8 and a half sacks for him two sacks in the last meeting. Time for Tom's two minute drill sponsored by northern tool and equipment, quality tools for serious work and by four seasons your trusted local experts for heating air conditioning plumbing and electric, Tommy, what you got. One is chance young coming back for the Washington. Not today. I know. I mean, they've been dangling that carrot in front of us for now three or four weeks about his big comeback and are they just waiting to see if they get into the playoffs and then getting ready for the playoffs. But you know, when you think about the bears and what they've been able to involve into this year, especially defensively speaking, you think when Jack Sanborn came aboard. And everybody was kind of disappointed because they let roquan Smith move on. But I think the linebacker position has gotten better because of Jack sandboard. But now you think about today's game, we talked about it a little bit earlier. They have so much pre snap movement, so much movement with their receivers tight ends running backs and the ability of the quarterback. I think this is probably the biggest game in Jack Sanborn's young professional life. Because there are so many pre snap movements that he's going to have to digest that information and understand how to get himself in the best position possible, like we've seen him do since he's come aboard. I think this is the Jack Sanborn game and it's going to be interesting to see how we talk about his involvement and as he leading the team and tackles at the end of this day. Time on Friday, one of the players in the locker room had to be a practice squad guy or something. I didn't know who he was and it never saw him before, really. He's coming. He goes, anybody seen Jack urlacher. And I'm thinking to myself, wait a minute. He's dead serious

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