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A few weeks ago abc's juju chang reported on a couple of cheerleaders who are suing the nfl alleging discrimination out nine former cheerleaders are suing the nfl team the houston texans alleging harassment and unfair pay attorneys for the texans filed a second motionless weeks he can dismissal of the lawsuit filed by the group abc's linsey davis sorts it all out down with the harassment and the things that they do and they make you scared and so nobody wants to speak up these former cheerleaders thought they landed the opportunity of a lifetime dancing for the houston texans nfl team they really grabbed her stomach and they pulled it down duct tape your stomach nine women are now suing the team alleging harassment and unfair paying all part of a culture they say was meant to humiliate and intimidate them you kind of just learned to bite your tongue and to deal with it i was so thankful that i was chosen for that experience now i just look at those girls on the field and i feel sorry for them just the latest chapter in a movement of women fighting back and saying no more do you think this is a byproduct of the metoo movement i do it's women refusing to suffer in silence about economic inequities unfairness in the workplace iconic feminist lawyer gloria allred is representing these women amply perish ashley rodriguez canada kelly neuner bringing their story center stage i believe that they're being targeted and discriminated against because of their gender the houston texans should not have given us a uniform if they do not want us to become an army had these former cheerleaders this is action are also suing the texans as well as the cheerleading coach alto gary jackie danielle women's spoke for the first time exclusively with abc news team with everything that.

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