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Zack. Neal's closest to the truth. I want to bring you back in Neil to say what what your experience of having this movie run in your local theaters has been like, yeah, it's been. I mean, it's been extremely positive, obviously. It's I guess the one way it'd be can be involved in the healing. Of the of the community talking to the people who have come to see obviously, most of them are happy. They watched the film some come as you. Michael and St. obscene up teary eyed. Sure having to relive relive it. But I know they think it's important to do to start that healing process. So it's been great. Honestly, just being a part of it in a small way Tilbury big way. Well, given up that theater in during the summertime and not charging anything. Even though you used your employees to get people in and out of that movie theater. That's a big deal to us. We appreciate it was, you know, are are we consider to be a small part of helping the community heal in income back. So great. We have a local company like Santa, Rosa entertainment. They have screens all over California, not just here. But to have a local company whose very community involved we've worked with Neil on his adopting pet projects every year out of the airports cinemas we've worked with Neil on film festivals on cult film festivals that that are not real mainstream. But many people wanna see them Santa Rosa entertainment is a huge part of our community. And I want to thank all of your ownership, Dan, Dan. And and your ownership, and I had a chance to speak with Dan at the Roxy on premiere night. And he said, I said Abreu looking forward to having and move over to the third street and for five dollars giving people the opportunity he said, it will stay there as long as people wanna come to see it. And also, I'm just wondering question for you. Neil. Are you going to be running a Burt Reynolds marathon at third? Actually, we will do for the cult films during the Michael mentioned, which is the series. I yeah, I will definitely do a Burt Reynolds night at least. I even asked the audience last night. Yeah. They wanted to see. A lot dollars a big one for sure. They were calling all kinds of titles. It's gonna end up. I know it is some guy said cannonball, run three. Okay. We'll pick. Everybody's got an opinion. It is nine fifty four zero Michael can you tell us what happened with regard to urban inferno in Washington DC this week? Well, this was something that we kind of were blindsided by. Congressman Thompsons office contacted us and wanted a copy of the DVD. So they could play for the congressman back in DC. Sure, we gave it to him. What we found out just yesterday or day before yesterday was on. I guess it was on Wednesday. They had a showing of urban inferno in DC at a at a at a reception that was attended not only by congressman Thompson who put it on. And congressman Huffman, but the entire California delegation and many people from the rebuild cinema county or rebuild that were out there. And we had no idea it was going to be this big in terms of the viewership there, but we're very delighted adverse emails from the congressman's office and thanking us and commenting on the powerful -ness of the film, and the importance of the film, and and Neil touched on it. And I've mentioned this before Christmas in the press democrat when he came to the opening night at the Roxy back in July. He. Wrote on that Sunday edition of the paper in his column that this was a tough film to see, but it was an important films to see because it started the healing. And he was the first to use that term. And that's the feedback that we get from so many people. So we want to appreciate we want to thank the Washington delegation that viewed the film just two days ago. Congressman Thompson, by the way will be with us on September the thirtieth in the square as we celebrate heroes of October. I'd like to add that if you have a group locally, and you would like to show the film to your group. You don't have to. I would be delighted to come and show it. Yeah..

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